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This is what life looks like to a squirrel

This is what life looks like to a squirrel

More than once, someone has had the idea to strap a GoPro camera on an animal and let it run wild to give us a glimpse at what life looks like to them. Sometimes it gives us cool videos like a shark swimming free in the oceans. Other times, the animals drop the camera and you get several minutes of the ground.

The video below is one of the better animal-based clips, highlighting what a day in the life of a squirrel looks like. This isn’t the first time someone has tried this, but it is by far the best. The squirrel seems to think the GoPro camera is a nut, and as such it puts it in its mouth and runs off with it. Thankfully and fortunately, the squirrel holds the camera pointing away from it.

The squirrel jumps from branch to branch, going about its squirrely day, before coming to rest and trying to eat the camera. It is disappointed, of course, but it conveniently leaves the GoPro on the ground where its owner can retrieve it and then upload it online, possibly with dreams of sweet internet monies in his future.

It’s a little dizzying to see the fuzzy little bandit sprint through a world none of us will ever experience in the same way.

There will probably be other GoPro squirrel videos in the future – because that’s what humans do these days – but the bar has been set incredibly high. So please don’t go out trying to catch a squirrel or another unsuspecting woodlands creature so you can strap a camera on them. As disappointed as we all are by it, Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers was just a cartoon. Animals rarely fight crime or solve mysteries. Yeah, we’re disappointed too.

Check it out below.



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