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This violent poltergeist caught on tape is a total dick

This poltergeist caught on tape is a total dick

I’ve seen a lot of poltergeist caught on tape videos, and this is one of the few that I can’t immediately debunk. It could still be fake, of course, but it would take a whole lot of work, including expensive machines, and professional grade video editing software. And that aint cheap.

The clip below comes from a YouTube poster named “Mellowb1rd.” He has apparently been bothered by a poltergeist for years. It started with strange sounds, and next things got knocked around. Then shit got real.

Doors flung open, pots and pans were tossed to the ground. Dishes were thrown to the ground and shattered and furniture was knocked over. It was fairly violent, so naturally the guy began to film things. And the footage he got is incredible.

I usually ignore poltergeist videos. They are typically really easy to fake, and I just have a tough time buying that “Knucklewad69” just happened to be standing there with a camera when a poltergeist menacingly opened a closet door, or spookily knocked a spatula to the ground.

Depending on how good the quality of the video is, you can even see the fishing wire.

This one though, it’s tougher to debunk. That hasn’t stopped many from claiming “Fake, omg, so fakes” all over YouTube, but the explanations are weak. There’s even a guy that has something of a vendetta against Mellowb1rd.

They keep posting videos claiming to debunk the poltergeist clips, but they do so weirdly. The debunking videos are just text, and they claim that the original video that featured errors has been removed and replaced with the same video, but corrected. It’s a little weird.

Mellowb1rd even created a video addressing the specific criticisms commenters frequently level at him. It’s worth watching if you have doubts. In fact most of his videos are worthing watching.

The clip below was recorded int he kitchen, the most active (but far from the only) site in the guy’s house. Mellowb1rd left the camera rolling, and the results are below.

Check it out.



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