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Sword master shows how to fight like The Witcher

Sword master shows how to fight like The Witcher

A 25-year old Polish sword master displays how to fight like The Witcher, using a combination of ancient fighting styles and a little flash.

If you’ve played any of The Witcher games or read the books, you know that the people trained as witchers are badasses. Most of them are able to use magic, plus they are trained to be killers. At the core of their combat though, is swordsmanship.

Although the style of sword fighting the witchers utilize is designed to look good as much as anything, it’s actually grounded in reality. There are no sword styles designed to fight monsters, but the game features real moves, recorded by real sword masters for use in the game.

The clip below was posted by the group “The Sword’s Path,” and features 25-year old Polish sword master, Alan Padzinski. As Kotaku notes, Padzinski has been the focus of other videos highlighting the fighting style of the witchers, but this clip is brand new.

And, ya know, it’s kind of badass.

Padzinski is an instructor in the field of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). He began as a fencer, then evolved into Polish saber, kenjutsu, and renaissance German longsword. Those styles and more are the basis for the style seen in the witcher, utilized by Geralt and others.

The clip breaks down some of the moves you’ve seen often in the game, as well as in many movies/TV shows where medieval sword fighting is utilized – at least sword fighting with flair. In reality, most medieval sword fights involved armor, so combatants would more often than not just look for openings and smack at each other, rather than twirling the blade around them.

Check out the clip below, and go replay The Witcher 3, or wait for the Netflix show starring Henry Cavill.



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