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Guy tries to fight a car ala ‘Street Fighter II,’ the car wins

real life street fighter car bonus stage

A karate expert named Paul takes on a car in a real-life Street Fighter car bonus stage recreation. Paul doesn’t prevail, but at least he seems to have fun.

Look, we all like video games. That’s a proven fact. Every single person in the entire world likes video games. That’s just science.

The guy in the video below though seems to love video games so much that he apparently thinks he is in one, specifically the game Street Fighter II.

If you are watching the video, which was originally spotted by Huff Po,  and wondering why the hell a middle-aged guy trained in karate is attacking a car, it harkens back to the classing fighting game, Street Fighter II.

In between beating on Brazilian genetic experiments and hairy-chested Russian wrestlers, players were sent to a bonus stage, where they were tasked with kicking the crap out of some poor, unsuspecting bastard’s car that was parked in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You had a time limit, and to win the round you had to demolish the car in the allotted time. It was a video game, so doing things like massacring a car in 30 seconds were not just possible, your friends would laugh at you if you couldn’t pull it off.

Maybe that’s what happened with Paul.  Maybe he got tired of that un-destroyed car taunting him, and so he decided to take his vengeance in real life.

To be fair to Paul, he does have some moves. But he’s fighting a car. The car cares nothing for Paul’s black belt. The car has no pity.

But hey, it seems to make Paul feel better, so good for him.

Check the video out below.



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