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Never turn your back in the haunted Stanley Palace

Stanley Palace

The Stanley Palace in Chester, England frequently plays hosts to paranormal investigators. And with good reason, since it’s said to be incredibly haunted.

It’s gotta be an odd experience. You head out to a reportedly haunted location, determined to find a ghost. You have equipment specifically built to detect paranormal activity, and you’re prepared to believe.

Then you take a quick coffee break and miss a ghost just feet away from you. Or technically, a few feet behind you, reaching out to you.

The clip below was captured on a security camera at the Stanley Palace in Chester, England. It is notorious for its hauntings, and it frequently attracts paranormal investigators. In this instance, the living people were from Sefton Paranormal Investigators. During this particular incident, there were 12 investigators scattered throughout the palace.

The footage made national news in England. In an interview with The Daily Mail, the team claims that after careful study, they believe the images are actually three separate ghosts, and at least one is a little girl.

The Stanley Palace has a long history, dating back to is construction in the 16th century. As you might guess of a building with that many years, there have been a lot of deaths over the centuries – which means a lot of potential ghosts, including several children.

In 1831, the house was falling apart. It was divided into three cottages, where several girls lived and a few even died. Sadly, that’s not the only case of children dying in the palace, but it fits with the look of the girl ghosts in the video. There have also been reports of ghost dogs, an officer, a handful of ladies, and a few others that haunt the palace.

The video was taken in an area of the palace dating back to its first days, putting it at around 400 years. The group was specifically investigating the ghost of an old man, but they found this instead.

As with all of these videos, I can’t guarantee their authenticity, but I make it a point to look for the clips that at least appear authentic. Sure, the investigators could have faked this. And sure, there could be a logical explanation for it.

But this one creeps me out.

Check it out.



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