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If Home Alone were real, the McCallister’s house would be a death trap

If Home Alone were real, the McCallister’s house would be a death trap

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ve probably wondered at least once what would happen to the burglars if Home Alone were real.

With Christmas just a few days away, people all around the world are dusting off their copies of the classic Christmas movie Home Alone, and enjoying the antics of that little scamp, Kevin McCallister. And if you are one of those people, you’ve probably wondered at least once or twice what would happen if Home Alone were real – specifically the traps.

A new video from Vsauce3 and Lowes, directed by Jake Roper, shows what would have happened to burglars Harry Lime and Marv if those traps were real. And in short, it would have been a bloodbath.

It would have been so bad that you have to wonder what kind of a sociopath Kevin really is to inflict that much pain on two people and laugh about it. Sure, they were breaking in and threatening the tyke, but it’s one thing to do what you must to defend yourself and another to stand their taunting the victims after they just had their faces smashed into a dozen gruesome pieces. Kevin should be crying in a corner, screaming “dear god, what have I done,” but instead he’s loving it.

To be fair, it would probably just be one more thing Kevin needs to address with his therapist along with his obvious abandonment issues, but it’s still worth a mention. But hey, his dad could probably afford it, given that his dad is a baller. They live in a mansion in Chicago and can afford a trip to Paris during the holiday season. Kevin’s years of psychoanalysis are a drop in the bucket.

So anyway, check out the clip below, but if you plan to watch Home Alone this holiday season, so do before watching this video. You’ll never look at that little monster Kevin the same way again.



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