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Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

We have a few Far Cry 5 tips, tricks, & secrets to help you get started and make the most out of your time in Hope County.

Ubisoft’s latest addition to the long-running Far Cry series is here, and if you are planning on a trip into the bizarre and warped world of Hope County, we have a few tips and how and where to get started.

If you’ve played the previous Far Cry titles, you should feel at home, but don’t get too comfortable. The DNA is similar but the details have changed, and Far Cry 5 has a lot that differentiates it from its predecessors. And while the game does a decent job of holding your hand in the early stages, there are a few things that take a little longer to understand. Plus, the game is all about choice – and some choices are better than others.

So with all of that in mind, we have a few Far Cry 5 tips, tricks, and secrets to help restore sanity to the freedom loving citizens of Hope County. Given the scale of the game and Ubisoft’s love of secrets and Easter eggs, we’ll update this guide frequently with new additions.


Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

The story in Far Cry 5 is designed to unfold at your own speed. You can wander around and play through however you see fit, all leading up to the final confrontation with Joseph Seed. There’s no set path, but there is a recommended starting point.

But before you even turn on the game, you should start by watching Ubisoft’s live-action short film, Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate. It isn’t essential viewing, but it does set the stage and gives you a better understanding of the Seed family. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be thrown into the game.

After an interactive opening scene on-rails followed by a prologue that doubles as a tutorial, you’ll have one more goal to complete before you are free to go anywhere you want. You can explore, take on some side missions, complete challenges… whatever you want.

Despite the freedom at your fingertips, the game recommends you start in Holland Valley and that’s not a bad idea. Holland Valley is designed in a way that you can move toward your goal and pick up plenty of help on the way while being introduced to all the game has at a steady pace. The choice is yours.

  • Ubisoft has a site that gives a closer look at the Seed family.
  • Save the game immediately before you take on Joseph Seed at the end. Once you’ve completed it, reload and you can replay it to make a different choice and see a second ending.
  • Take the time to listen to the TV and radio broadcasts to really get a sense of what life in Hope County is like under the Seed family.
  • Read the notes you’ll find lying around – they will tell you more about the story and give you some hints on various things, like where to find keys and how to get through certain locked doors.
  • After you get a feel of the game and feel confident in your character, wander around a bit into the other areas. They are varied and feature different types of enemies and locations.


Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

The Far Cry series has offered co-op before, but it was a truncated offering that didn’t include story missions. Far Cry 5, however, can be played entirely co-op. One player is the host while the other is their guest, and both can receive experience, weapons, and perk points. There are a few minor limitations, but they are understandable ones.

Only the host keeps mission and exploration progress. The guest will retain loot and upgrades, but if they haven’t already played the missions, they will need to do so again in their own game. The map will also remain fogged for the guest when they return to their own campaign, but while connected they will see the host’s map (including what missions are tracked).

The game will play out the same in terms of story and NPC interactions whether you are in co-op or solo. The mode is meant to be a bonus more than a necessity, so you can drop-in/drop-out at any time.

  • You can only play co-op with the people in your friends list
  • Only the host can have a “Gun for Hire” (GFH) character, and only they can give them orders.
  • You can trade ammo and Medkits.
  • The host can toggle friendly fire on and off.
  • Only the host can accept quests from NPCs.
  • A guest cannot join a host’s game if they are in a cinematic or in the middle of certain missions. The host will need to complete the mission or cancel it.
  • Only the host can cancel a cinematic.
  • Your character will appear as the avatar you created. You may not see it, but your co-op partner will.


Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

The combat in Far Cry 5 is designed to allow you to play however you want, but there are a few things you need to know.

To begin with, you’ll start the game with a very limited weapon selection that includes a single primary weapon and a handgun. You’ll earn new weapons as you play and each weapon can be customized by buying new attachments, but until you unlock the additional holster perk you’ll have to choose one at a time and swap them out at shops. You can also choose to go silent or loud, either by using a bow or equipping a silencer. Or just say to hell with it and chase a stick of dynamite with an RPG.

When you pull up your weapon wheel you can craft throwable items directly through the wheel (or pause and go into your inventory). From there, you can switch to the homeopathics, which are also craftable. They give you temporary boosts, and should be used frequently.

  • When you begin to earn perk points, you should save up to purchase the additional holster slot as soon as possible. It will make a huge difference immediately.
  • Use the command to throw rocks in order to distract and lure enemies.
  • The binoculars can target enemies and mark them.
  • There are several weapons and vehicles that can only be unlocked by completing side quests.
  • You’ll eventually earn a plane and a helicopter. These will make some combat missions much easier – just be sure you have a parachute handy.
  • If you are into stealth, purchase the grapple early on to navigate through some occupied areas quietly.
  • You can throw your melee weapon by looking at the enemy with the left trigger, and throwing it with the right.


Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

As with almost all open world games, Far Cry 5 involves a whole lot of exploration. How you go about it is up to you.

There are three regions that make up Hope County: Holland Valley, Henbane River, and Whitetail Mountain. You can choose to attack any of the three in any order, but there is a natural progression built into the game that favors you starting in Holland Valley, going on to Henbane River, and concluding with Whitetail Mountain. If you try it the other direction you will be able to gain access to powerful upgrades quickly – like the trained bear Cheeseburger, one of the three “Fang for Hire” (FFH) characters – but Holland Valley is designed in a way that methodically introduces the player to the game’s features and options.

Each area has a handful of quest givers that will hand out story or side missions, but you’ll also stumble across missions by doing random events like saving hostages. These additional quests tend to offer you a benefit of some sort, like a new GFH or the location of a prepper stash, which tasks you with completing an environmental puzzle. The map will also unfog as you learn more intel about the area you are in, as well as through good old fashioned exploration.

As you play and complete objectives, you will earn Resistance Points, which show as a meter that gradually fills up – there is a point total connected to it, but the end result is that you just need to play and engage in the world. As it fills, the world will get more chaotic, and when it is full you will face off against that area’s boss.

  • Each area has a destructible structure that can quickly be destroyed in order to earn resistance point. Holland has silos, Henbane has shrines, and Whitetail has wolf beacons.
  • When you meet a new shopkeeper, buy any maps they might have – it will be worth it in the long run.
  • Each area has its own animals that can be hunted. The rewards can then be used in crafting or sold.
  • Hunting also helps you unlock certain hunters that are also shopkeepers and may contain items you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Fishing spots are uncovered through speaking to NPCs, and certain fish can be caught using specific rods and lures. This is an easy way to earn perk points and sellable items.
  • There are three types of animals found in Hope County: Regular (your typical animal), alphas (larger and tougher), and failed judges (assigned as special missions).
  • Fast travel is useful if you know exactly where you are going and need to retrace your steps, but you will potentially miss uncovering side missions and objects if you don’t explore properly.

Far Cry 5 DLC

Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

As you might expect, Far Cry 5 has plenty of DLC on the way. You can purchase it a la carte, or grab the Season Pass now.

The Far Cry series has never been afraid to get a little experimental when it comes to its expansions, and this game is no different. Rather than continuing the story centered around Hope County, the three planned additions will each contain their own locales and themes. These expansions won’t just be a reskin of Far Cry 5 either, as different teams are working on them.

The three planned expansions will take the player to Mars, the Vietnam War, and a post-apocalyptic zombie scenario. Dates and order of release haven’t been confirmed, but that should come soon.

  • The DLC will include new options for Far Cry Arcade.
  • The expansions will likely feature the same co-op or solo options as the main game.
  • Season Pass purchasers will also receive a copy of Far Cry 3 

Far Cry Arcade

Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

The Far Cry Arcade mode is a way for players to jump into a quick game either solo or co-op and experience a nearly infinite amount of content (in theory). Games are created and uploaded by users using the Far Cry Arcade Editor, which longtime Far Cry fans will recognize as the updated version of the In-Game Editor.

Multiple game modes can be created, either as PvE or PvP. There will be plenty of new content introduced as well. Progression, money, and perk points can all be shared between the campaign and the Far Cry Arcade. This offering should continue to grow and give users something to do long after they complete the campaign.

  • You first need to liberate Dutch’s island before you can access Far Cry Arcade.
  • Some of the objects found in the editor are from other Ubisoft franchises, including the Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs games.
  • If you are having trouble earning perks and cash in the main game, or you are stuck on a specific mission, head to the Far Cry Arcade to earn some perk points without losing your spot in the campaign.

For Hire

Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

In Far Cry 5, you can recruit and call upon NPCs known as Guns for Hire (GFH) or Fangs for Hire (FFH). These characters will make a huge impact.

As you progress through the game, you will meet characters that you can hire and bring with you. Each character has a unique ability, and you can have two characters equipped at once (as soon as you unlock the perk to bring a second character with you). You can command them to complete certain actions or send the group together. GFHs and FFHs can also unlock a second ability over time the more you use them.

You will also unlock specialist GFH characters as you progress. You will typically need to complete a special mission to earn them to your cause, but their abilities are worth the effort. They can also be upgraded with perks. When they fall in combat – and they will, often – they can be revived, but only a limited number of times. When they reach their limit, they enter a cooldown period before you can recall them.

The FFH animals are similar to the GFH, but there are only three of them. Boomer the dog can be found in Holland Valley and acts like a scout, Peaches the cougar is found in Henbane River and is stealthy, and Cheeseburger the bear is found in Whitetail Mountain and is a heavy fighter.

  • When playing co-op, only the host can use GFH and FFH, and only they can control them.
  • Use the binoculars to find enemies and places to send your FH characters. If they are stealthy and the area isn’t too densely patrolled, an FH character can clear out an entire base with your direction.
  • The random civilians you hire (as opposed to specialists) can earn an upgrade by playing and scoring kills, but that upgrade is random.
  • Unlock Boomer as soon as you can. The FFH dog is a useful scout that combines stealth and killing ability, and you’ll find him very early on (if you start in Holland Valley) with minimal combat.
  • If you are playing stealth, make sure your FHs are also stealthy. If not, they can, and will set off alarms.
  • Make an effort to recruit Nick Rye early on (he’s found at the Rye & Son’s Airstrip in Holland Valley). You’ll unlock planes and airstrikes.
  • If you have two GFH characters at once, they will often talk to each other. It can range from boring to hilarious.


Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

The progression system in Far Cry 5 is a little different than in previous games. To upgrade you’ll need perk points, and to earn perk points you’ll need to complete challenges. So it isn’t enough to just kill enemies (although there are challenges regarding numbers), you’ll need to do it in a specific way.

Focus on one challenge at a time. If you are sniping, stick with sniping until you earn a perk point, then switch to a different weapon and earn a point or two that way. By mixing it up early on, you’ll get to try out everything Far Cry 5 has to offer and unlock points that will make the game open up quite a bit.

There are five classes, each with their own perks: Survivalist (health and survival skills), renegade (weapons proficiency, fall prevention, and sabotage), assassin (stealth and movement), prepper (more weapons and ammo), and leader (GF upgrades).

  • Playing co-op can earn unique perk points not available elsewhere.
  • Unlocking the parachute and the wingsuit early can also help unlock more content and missions that earn you points.
  • You can earn perk points by successfully securing prepper stashes.
  • Fishing is an easy way to complete challenges and earn perk points.

General Far Cry 5 Tips

Far Cry 5 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

  • When you first meet Joseph Seed, you can trigger a secret ending. When prompted to put handcuffs on him, don’t do anything and wait a few minutes (it is meant as a joke – Far Cry 4 did the same thing).
  • If you are playing stealth, prioritize unlocking the lockpick in order to open safes. You can also open safes with remote explosives, but if there are enemies nearby they will come running.
  • Loot every enemy body you find – you never know what you’ll get.
  • Read the descriptions of items you pick up. Some have useful information, some are just funny.
  • Don’t waste your money on clothes until you have plenty to spare. You’ll rarely see yourself, and even in co-op when your partner is looking at you, a new gun is more useful than a new shirt.
  • The harvesting perk is a good one to grab early – it doubles your vegetable and animal hauls, which in turn doubles your sellable items.
  • Loot trucks are worth the effort in the early hours of the game. Once you stop one and take control, look for a yellow control box to open the back and let you in.
  • If you start in Holland Valley, you’ll soon start a quest that tasks you with finding 12 lighters hidden through Hope County, but they aren’t tracked. Keep an eye out for a map from a shopkeeper that has all the locations.
  • Once you’ve cleared an area and killed the lieutenant, you can return to that area and continue to complete quests with big bonuses.
  • Spread around Hope County, you’ll find a series of events known as the Clutch Nixon missions, which challenge you to extreme events. There are eight in total. They can be a bit frustrating, but you’ll get a crash course in piloting/driving and earn some cool vehicles and cash.
  • One of the most powerful and weirdest guns in the game, the Magnopulser, can be earned by completing Larry Palmer’s quests. He’s located at Parker Laboratories, just west of Fall’s End.

Have any Far Cry 5 tips, tricks, & Secrets?

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