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Far Cry 4 tips and tricks (Updated with DLC and more)

Far cry 4 tips and tricks

Update 3: Looking for Far Cry Primal tips and tricks? We have you covered.

Update 2: The guide has been updated with info on the DLCs Escape from Durgesh Prison and Valley of the Yeti.

Update: Thanks to all the Reddit readers that contributed tips to our Far Cry 4 tips and tricks! The names of the people that posted the tips are listed with the tip. If you have a tip we missed, please let us know in the comments below. 

During my first few hours playing Far Cry 4, I discovered a trick to help when you are hunting dangerous animals. C4 kills anything. Read on for this and other Far Cry 4 tips and tricks!

My discovery came from me basically being a smart ass and deciding to try to stab a rhino. It ended poorly for me. After a nearby restart, I decided to escalate things. I snuck up on my former killer and shot it with an arrow. That seemed to vaguely annoy it, and the animal charged. I threw the C4 on a nearby car and turned it into a massive bomb. Not only did I kill the rhino, another rhino that was hanging out nearby, and three unfortunately (for them) placed enemies in the car, I felt that I better understood the game.

Like its predecessor, Far Cry 4 gives you a lot of things to do, then lets you complete them however you want. This gives you freedom, but that freedom can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up wasting a lot of time and burn yourself out.

With that in mind, we have a handful of Far Cry 4 tips and tricks to help you get going. We’ll update this article in the future, and if you have any tips, please let us know in the comments below!


Far cry 4 tips and tricks
There’s just something relaxing about rampaging through a world with a partner. If you want to play with another person, you can either set your game to co-op, which allows others to join, or you can randomly jump in someone else’s game. You can also invite friends into your game. The missions you can compete in are limited and progress does not save to the guest’s account, but there is still plenty to do.

You’ll need to finish Act One before you unlock the co-op, so be prepared to put some time before you try the co-op.

Once you are at a level where you are comfortable (and have enough weapons not to be a liability), jumping in the co-op is an excellent way to earn some experience quickly. There are limits on the type of missions you can complete though.

Story missions are off limits, but you can clear out towers, outposts, and engage in countless side missions. That progress only goes to the host though. Even if you are just trying to unlock a signature weapon by completing side missions like “Armed Escorts” or “Assassination” missions, that won’t help the guest.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your co-op.

  • You can swap guns with your co-op partner, and they can keep that gun for good, even if you haven’t unlocked it yet. Just have the person with the gun you want swap it with a random weapon they find in the field. You can then pick up their discarded weapon, and once you access a locker with it in your holster, you get to keep it (Thanks to “Jeppez0rz” for the tip).
  • There is one exception to the tip above. You cannot keep the three-burst pistol that is unlocked via U-Play (Thanks to “Jeppez0rz” for the tip).
  • The buzzer can provide endless fun in co-op. For one, two people can ride on it. One flies, while the other is in the back, with full weapons capabilities. You can fly near a fort, outpost, or a collection of enemies and have the person on the back massacre foes.
  • While one person flies the buzzer, the other can grapple onto the buzzer. There they can climb up, or swing around for fun. If they bug you though, the pilot can smack them into a wall (Thanks to “paranoiaxv” for the tip).
  • With a buzzer in your possession, load it up with C4 from both players, as much as it will let you. Have one person get into position looking over the base, while the other agrees to sacrifice themselves. Have the sacrifical lamb fly over the base, shoot a few times to get their attention, then wait for reinforcements. Once they are there, fly right into a group of them and have the person watching blow the C4. You can take out a small army. Alternatively, one person can fly overhead and jump out, then when the buzzer is near enemies, have the watcher destroy it.
  • By the way, C4 is a great way to kill your friend. Sure, it’s not exactly sporting, but it’s fun. Load up the buzzer with C4 when they aren’t watching, then slyly wingsuit away. Be sure to record the subsequent explosion for posterity.
  • If you are still early in the game, try to find a player with a “Buzzsaw.” It is insanely overpowered. It can take out helicopters in 2-3 seconds.


Far cry 4 tips and tricks
Crafting is a major part of your life in Kyrat, and the sooner you get a hunting game plan in your mind, the better. As you explore, areas on the map that have been unfogged will show you one of the animals you will find in that area – it’s not the only animal, nor is it the only place to find that animal, but you will eventually come across that represented beastie while the others may vary.

When you first begin, take a look at the crafting menu, and decided what you want first – or what you need second, because the first thing you should do is craft all the weapon holsters. At the start of the game, you’ll only be able to carry one weapon. You can quickly and easily upgrade this twice more without leaving the starting area.

Don’t even bother with the story until you complete the holster upgrades – it makes a huge difference.

The final holster upgrade requires you to hunt honey badgers, which can be found in the northeastern corner of the first area – although they won’t appear on the map. Look around and you should stumble across them – or more likely they will stumble across you. Honey badgers are vicious little sons of bitches.

The next crafting upgrade you target is up to you, but increasing the amount of loot you can carry makes the game much less frustrating. Carrying more syringes is useful as well.

To craft the final item in each category, you’ll need to complete the “Kyrat Fashion Week” missions, which task you with killing a rare animal you won’t find any other way. Do these as soon as possible. You may come across the missions long before you can use them, but they are good to have for when you need them.


Far cry 4 tips and tricks

The driving in Far Cry 4 can take some getting used to. You control all movement with the left stick, which can be awkward. The reason for this is so you can look around and shoot with the right stick. Jump in your ride, set the waypoint in the map, and assuming you are on a road and not just a dirt path clicking the left thumstick initiates the autodrive. You can then kick back, take in the sights, and fire off your gun at anyone that looks at you funny. You cannot use this feature with boats or in the air.

If you go through the menu you can turn the Autodrive option off, but you’d be crazy to do so. Use it. Use it all the time.

Be warned though, the autodrive can be fairly dumb. It isn’t above slamming headfirst into stopped cars, and you may end up murdering a few locals, lowering your karma in the process. It will also cut out without warning as soon as you go off the main road, which can lead to some hilarious crashes. Alternatively, if you set it for an enemy location, you may drive right into the center of an area overrun by enemies. Awkward. Just keep an eye on it.

You’ll also be presented with plenty of racing options throughout the game. It’s worth doing a few of these, but they can get frustrating quickly. Try a few to see if you like them, then either embrace them or ignore them forever.

  • You can turn the radio on and off with the D-pad (Thanks to “paranoiaxv” for the tip).

Fly, brother, fly

Far cry 4 tips and tricks

The buzzer is your best friend in Far Cry 4. It should be your go-to mode of transport, and it can be used as an offensive tool – although you should use it to attack with stealth, as a few good shots can make both it and you explode. You can always use the grenade launcher that is somewhat inexplicably grouped with the pistols in order to rain down some destruction, but all it takes is a few good shots. Make sure to repair it if you get it dinged up.

If you are looking to pull off a frontal assault on an outpost or a fort, you can use the buzzer to fly up, then wingsuit directly into the base. That’s amateur hour though. When you jump off the buzzer, it will fly on its own for a few seconds, then plummet straight down. If you plan ahead and load it up with C4, you can take out half the enemy troops. Just fly directly overhead, lower it until they see it and call reinforcements, then when they assemble under you, jump off, land, and hit the detonator for hilarity.

Learn where the buzzers spawn. You can find them in conquered bases, as well as in your home base, once you purchase the buzzer pad – which should be your first purchase. It is in the middle of the map, so while it isn’t ideal if you want to go to the far sides, it’s better than nothing.

There are also endless ways to amuse yourself with a buzzer in co-op. Check out the cop-op section below for details.


Far cry 4 tips and tricks
You’ll come across several forts scattered around Kyrat. These bases are similar to outposts, but much, much more difficult.

There are several strategies to taking down a fort, but don’t bother with these locations until later in the game. At the very least have a co-op partner with you, explosive weapons, and upgraded helpers you can call.

  • Before you attack a fort, look around the entire area, there are a few secret routes into the bases. Look below and above for cave entrances that can lead right into the heart of the base and let you attack via stealth.
  • Use your bait. Use a lot of bait. Call down the animal thunder and let the predators take out some of the enemies first.
  • If you are having issues, make your way to the mortar – all the bases have one. Take it over, switch to the FPS view, and spam the base with mortars. You can take out helicopters this way too.
  • After you’ve cleared all the forts and outposts, you can go to the menu and choose to make them all hostile again.

Hidden Endings

Far cry 4 tips and tricks
Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

There are multiple endings in Far Cry 4. One is completed as you would expect: play the story missions to the end. You’ll be presented with a few ways to do this, but the game takes your hand and walks you through it. Simple. The other, however, is far, far easier.

When you first begin the game, you’ll be taken to Pagan Min’s fortress for dinner and a bit of torture. Soon enough, Min will wander off to get his hands bloody. That gives you the chance to leave and complete the prologue, which opens up the game. If you decide to just hang out though, you’ll receive a special ending.

Min will return after about 10 minutes, and the two of you will have a long talk. The game then resolves itself and the credits roll. Takes about 15-20 minutes. Check it out.

Hunting & Harvesting

Far cry 4 tips and tricks
As mentioned in the crafting section, hunting is a major part of the game. How you hunt, however, is up to you. The best method is to use a bow or a knife, as it gives you the most skins and karma points, but this isn’t always practical. If an animal is charging you – as they frequently do – don’t hesitate to use whatever firearm you have on hand. You won’t harvest as many skins, but there are always more animals, and they can kill you easily in the early hours of the game.

Of course, there are a few methods of killing the more powerful animals, even at the early stages. C4, for instance. Be careful with this though – explosive damage may burn the skin, making it unusable. And if you can’t use the animal’s pelt, you basically just killed a majestic creature for no reason. You monster.

When you do score a kill, it will be represented on the mini-map by an “X.” If you are in a strange and hard to reach location, and you see an “X” that you aren’t responsible for, check it out. You may stumble upon the corpse of and animal that is tough to kill. This is even true in the water, as deadly fish can sink to the bottom. Keep your eyes open. Even if you don’t need them, rare skins are worth big money.

  • If you are in need of money, hunt and skin all animals. When you check in with a traveling sherpa or a locker, you can sell them for good money.
  • If you want to grab some easy money from hunting, head to Banapur and look for the goat icon on the map. There you’ll find small herds of sambars that continually respawn, and are easy to take down with a bow. You’ll need them for a few different crafting upgrades, or you can sell them for good money (Thanks to “Blujay12” for the tip).
  • When it comes to syringes, harvest the plants as often as you can. If you don’t use them, you can always sell them. If you are looking for an easy way to get a lot of plants quickly, purchase the garden upgrade for your house. From there, harvest the garden until it is exhausted, then jump to your death. You’ll respawn with all the plants you harvested in your inventory, and the garden will be full again. Do this a few times and you’ll have as many syringes as you can craft, plenty surplus, and you can even sell them for money.  (Thanks to “Capatown” for the tip).

Unlock the Map Early

It can be a little monotonous, but take the time to go to as many towers as you have the patience for andcapture them. Not only will this unlock the map and show you what’s what, you earn rewards for doing it. The more towers, the more weapons you’ll get for free. Clearing outposts is handy too, but focus on towers first.

The easiest way to capture towers is either to grab a buddy to help you out, or grab a buzzer. If you choose the latter, you can even land on top of many towers, capture it, then fly off. You’ll miss all the goodies in the tower, but you’ll unfog that portion of the map.

Using this method, you can clear out all the towers in under an hour and you’ll have more weapons than you know what to do with, along with a bunch of money and loot. You’ll also make the Skills tree irrelevant, as you should have enough points to upgrade most, if not all, the available skills. The rest you’ll either have to go out of your way to complete, or you’ll earn through progressing through the story.

Rampage to your heart’s content in the story or via side missions without worrying too much about grinding. It’s like finishing your work so you can take an extremely violent holiday.


Escape from Durgesh Prison

Far cry 4 tips and tricks
The first Far Cry 4 DLC, Escape from Durgesh is out now. It is a different type of game though. It is sort of like a small portion of Kyrat removed from the main game, and then recast as an arcade-style version of the game. You can access the DLC from the main menu, it is grouped with the competitive games and map builder.

The DLC starts fresh each time. You begin on top of a tower with no weapons, no skills, and no crafted items. You have a 30 minute timer in order to get the the helicopter pad and escape, and completing objectives, collecting items, and several other ways will earn you additional time. The more you play, the more you can fill out your skills and get more weapons. When you die though, you start over completely.

It’s not for everyone.

The DLC forces you to run through the game, killing as quickly and efficiently as you can. It can be a grind, but attacking it co-op is a good way to start it off.

Valley of the Yeti

Far cry 4 tips and tricks

We have a few Far Cry 4 tips and tricks for the second DLC, Valley of the Yeti.

If you haven’t tried it yet, the DLC is presented as a separate game mode, accessible in the main menu along with the competitive multiplayer and the Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC. Unlike that game mode though, Valley of the Yeti plays like an extension of the primary game. You won’t be able to access your skills, weapons, or collectibles, but you’ll earn most of them back quickly.

The DLC starts with Ajay crash landing in a new region of Kyrat, deep in the mountains. The region is pretty much the same as the area you play through in the main campaign, just with yeti. Big, powerful, angry yeti.

The missions are slightly different from those found in the main campaign, but they don’t feel out of place. You can complete everything in 8-12 hours, but you can spend hours just hunting yeti.

  • To kill a yeti, you’ll need to wear it down through conventional means then wait for it to take a knee. It won’t be easy. Think of them like Big Daddy-esque minibosses, although there are a lot of them. When the yet does go down, jump on its back to kick off a QTE that allows you to kill it once and for all.
  • when you kill a yeti, skin it quickly – they disappear
  • If you are defending a base, look for a yeti to help you our. Throw bait if you like, but the results may vary, and the yeti will probably show up eventually anyway. When they do, let them take out the enemies while you focus on anyone setting a bomb. You can also use this time to reload, heal, etc.
  • There is a buzzsaw hidden on the far east side of the map. Check out this video to see where – although once you have it, the DLC is almost unfairly easy.
  • The DLC can be played co-op. Playing co-op will make defending outposts and taking out yeti much, much easier.

More Far Cry 4 Tips and Tricks coming soon!

Far cry 4 tips and tricks
Let us know if we missed anything, or if you have any ideas, and we’ll continue to update this post in the future.



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