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Don’t fear the Eastern State Penitentiary Reaper – or do, because it’s freaky

The Eastern State Penitentiary Reaper has been haunting the Philadelphia, PA prison for a long time now. A Paranormal crew managed to catch it on tape.

The Eastern State Penitentiary, located in Philadelphia, PA, opened in 1829. It housed thousands of inmates over the decade until it closed down in 1971, and it was considered one of the most violent prisons in the country. Many people died there, and died violently.

So naturally, it is considered to be spectacularly haunted.

The prison has since become a tourist attraction. It hosts haunted tours and Halloween events. It even rents the place out to paranormal investigators at night from April through August, mainly because there are so many people that have reported ghosts there that everyone wants to try to find proof.

One of the most famous incidents caught on tape came from the Ghost Hunters team.

The Ghost Hunters are controversial enough that I’ve stayed away from them during these posts. They started out strong and captured some great footage on tape, but as the years went on they began to stretch and embellish their findings.

Some people think they outright lie, but those involved swear they are on the straight and narrow. Supposedly, their contracts stipulate that if they are caught faking anything, they will instantly be fired and could face legal action. That may be BS, but that’s the rumor.

The clip below is one of their more heavily featured pieces of evidence. Many have tried to debunk it. A few have some arguments against it, but no one has conclusively proven it fake.

The clip was recorded in total darkness using a night vision camera with thermal imaging. No one was around when the image basically rushed the camera, and no human signatures were captured.

People believe the image is the same one seen numerous times in the prison. It’s even earned the name “The Reaper.”

Check it out.

And if you want to try your own paranormal investigation, you can book a night in advance and check for yourself. It will run you $100 per person, for teams of five to 15 people. Most of the prison will be open to you – except for locations that are undergoing maintenance – and you can bring whatever ghost hunting equipment you want.

The initials for the Eastern State Penitentiary are even ESP! Coincidence?! Well yeah, probably.

You’ll need to sign a waiver though. The official site even has a whole page of ghost sightings though, so it may be worth it.



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