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DBP Podcasts: A look behind the curtain with our series of gaming industry interviews

DBP Podcasts: Behind the curtain with our gaming industry interviews

When I first started Dead Beats Panel in 2014, one of my primary plans was to create a series of ongoing podcast-style interviews with people working behind the scenes of the industries people love. The idea was to speak with people you may not have heard of, but who help create the things you love and who have some fascinating stories about doing it.

Prior to DBP, I used to do traditional interviews all the time, almost exclusively for print. The nature of those interviews meant that I would ask a lot of questions, get the background for I needed to write the story, then pick a few of the best quotes. It worked for a print feature, but some of the best stuff ended up as a personal anecdote because it didn’t fit within the narrow confines of the story I was sent to get.

With the DBP Podcasts, the idea is to have a conversation with interesting people who have interesting stories to tell. They won’t all be from the gaming industry and they may not be famous, but they will have something cool to say.

The first batch of interviews were all recorded at E3 2016. In the future, some will be recorded in person, others will be done over the computer, others still will be done at future shows. Consider this first group a test case – and a hell of a test case they turned out to be.

We ended up with eight interviews, all of which give a fascinating look behind-the-scenes of the gaming industry, from the top down. We spoke with a CEO. We spoke with PR managers. We spoke with artists and engineers, and more. And every one of them had something to say.

You’ll find all eight interviews below, each of which can be streamed here or downloaded and listened to later. Look for more DBP Podcasts in the very near future, but for now enjoy our gaming industry interviews recorded live at E3 2016.

DBP Podcast: The future of high-end audio with Turtle Beach

In our first interview of E3 2016, we spoke with two members of Turtle Beach, Mac Marshall and Keith Hennessey, about the future of high-end audio, both commercial and experimental. We also got to check out a prototype audio system that blew our freaking minds.

DBP Podcasts – An interview with the CEO behind the new game, The Technomancer

While this was actually the second interview we conducted at E3, it was instantly one of my favorites. It also set the bar extremely high for all the others that came after. In this podcast we speak with Jehanne Rousseau, whose name I am sure I mangled. Rousseau is the CEO of Spiders, the French developer who recently put out The Technomancer. We spoke about the nature of developing a game for years and how devs deal with things like negative reviews. If you are interested in the inner workings of the gaming industry, this one is a must listen.

DBP Podcast: Talking Gwent and the rise of CD Projekt RED

In this podcast, we got the chance to speak with Brady Auty, an artist on the upcoming Witcher 3 spinoff game, Gwent. Auty is a member of CD Projekt RED, a developer with a lengthy history who exploded last year thanks to The Witcher 3. We asked Auty about the pressure of working for the current belle of the developer’s ball, as well as how you test a game with nearly infinite possible outcomes.

DBP Podcast: Farming Simulator is cool! Really!

I have to admit, I didn’t know what to think when we sat down to discuss the upcoming Farming Simulator 17, and the Farming Simulator Franchise as a whole with Giants Software’s PR and Marketing manager Martin Rabl. It ended up being one of our absolute best and most interesting conversations of the entire show as we dissected the popularity of the farming sim.

DBP Podcast: The lead writer of Agents of Mayhem talks building on the legacy of Saints Row

As a freakishly big fan of Volition’s Saints Row franchise, I was incredibly excited to try out its new game, Agents of Mayhem, and then speak with the game’s lead writer, Jason Blair. I was not disappointed. We discussed the act of writing for games, and how much work you never see that goes into it. We also talked a little about the connection between this game and the Saint Row series, and there may have even been reference to a dubstep cannon or two. If you are a fan of stories in games, you should check out this podcast.

DBP Podcast: Talking Tekken global with the series’ Brand Manager

The Tekken series is already one of the biggest fighting franchises in the world, so how do you expand on that in order to bring fans back for Tekken 7? That’s the question we put to Bandai Namco Brand Manager Mark Religioso, and the answer is you go big. Worldwide big, starting with a resurgent arcade scene and on to eSports – and that’s just the start.

DBP Podcast: Designing in zero G with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s senior art director

Of all the games we got a look at during our trip to E3, few cast as big a shadow as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Developed by Infinity Ward, the latest offering in the annually released series takes the franchise somewhere it has never been before: deep space. We spoke with senior art director Brian Horton about how they approached the design of alien worlds, and how you cope with the pressure of working on one of the biggest games in the world.

DBP Podcast: Looking at the wild, industry-changing success of Twitch with its PR Director

Our eighth and final conversation of the show was also one of our most fun, as I had the chance to sit down with Chase, Twitch, PR Manager to discuss the platforms absolutely insane rise from plucky startup to world-shaking, global powerhouse. In just a few short years, Twitch helped to redefine what it is to be a gamer, and how we engage in with the games. We discussed what comes next for the streaming giant, and how it plans to continue its conquest of the world.



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