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DBP Podcast: The future of high end audio with Turtle Beach

DBP Podcast: Turtle Beach at E3 2016

When I first launched Dead Beats Panel, one of my primary goals was to create a series of interview-style podcasts with people in the gaming and entertainment industries. My idea wasn’t to talk to well-known celebrities (although never say never), but rather to speak with people you may not know, but who help make the things you love.

I’ve had some great conversations with directors of big AAA games, but some of the best talks I’ve had are with the people that don’t always get a lot of attention – which is a shame, because they tend to have some of the best stories. That proved to be the case once again at E3 2016, as we had some great conversations with amazing people.

And so here we are, the inaugural DBP Podcast. It took longer than I expected, but this is the first in what I hope will be a long-running feature, and a signature of Dead Beats Panel.

There’s also something fitting about starting with Turtle Beach. I began covering Turtle Beach at a previous outlet somewhere around 2010. At the time it was still very much on the rise, and companies like Astro were the dominant force in gaming headsets. Funny how a few years can make a huge difference.

For this podcast, we met up with Turtle Beach’s Mac Marshall and Keith Hennessey at the Turtle Beach E3 2016 booth. They showed us some of the cool new hardware on the market and coming soon – including some incredible headsets made for and with pro gamers – as well as some experimental technology using directed sound. It blew our minds.

The technology is years away from commercial use, but it is impressive. The hardware, which looks like a panel of glass, sends audio in a specific direction; in the sweet spot and you hear theater-level audio, step outside and you barely hear the reflected sound as it hits walls. It’s remarkable.

We tried to snag an example of the new audio in the podcast with mixed results. We also had a few minor audio issues at the very start, as we sound a little “tinny,” but it goes away in a minute or so thanks to the quick work of DBP friend and producer, Tim Johnson.

This is the first of several interviews coming this week. Check them out, and look for more in the future.

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