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DBP Podcast: The lead writer of Agents of Mayhem talks building on the legacy of Saints Row

DBP Podcast: The lead writer of Agents of Mayhem talks building on the legacy of Saints Row

In the latest episode of our E3 2016 podcast interviews, we sit down with Volition’s Jason Blair, lead writer on the upcoming Agents of Mayhem.

The game is the latest from Volition, the makers of the Saints Row franchise. Agents of Mayhem is an original, new IP, but it shares the Saints Row DNA and is even set within the same universe – details on how it is connected will come later, but it builds off of one of the endings from the DLC Gat out of Hell.

DBP producer Tim Johnson and I got a chance to play a level of the game. It isn’t a Saints Row clone, but it is fun, filled with over-the-top action and humor.

The game is a third-person shooter with a linear design. It’s single-player, but you have three interchangeable characters with you at all times. Once you chose your squad for the level, you can then switch between the three as you battle an invading army on the futuristic streets of Seoul.

Overkill is the theme. You lay waste to wave after wave of enemies, building up incredibly powerful special attacks that you can then unleash. It’s wanton destruction in the most glorious sense.

By comparison to Saints Row, Agents of Mayhem is relatively tame. There are no dildo guns to be found or dubstep cannons to make enemies explode. It is, however, a very funny game. The destruction is littered with one-liners, and the characters all have unique personalities. You’ll want to play through it multiple times just to hear the different characters’ reactions.

We spoke with Blair about the method for creating a game like Agents of Mayhem, and building off Saints Row while doing something new. We also touched on the process fo creating characters for video games and how much backstory goes in to it. It’s a great look at the making of A,he process of writing for a video game.

Check it out and look for more interviews coming soon.

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