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Chloe Bruce, Daisy Ridley’s stunt double, is a total badass

Daisy Ridley’s stunt double is a total badass

As with any major film, there are disagreements about what worked in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and what didn’t.

Some think Kylo Ren is a great villain, others think he is an emo kid. Some liked that the movie emulated A New Hope, others thought it was too similar. Regardless of where you stand on the odd issue, one thing pretty much everyone can agree on is that Daisy Ridley was great in it.

Rey stole every scene she was in – including the ones Rey was in but Ripley wasn’t. Sharing the screen as Rey was Chloe Bruce, the stuntwoman that stepped in for Ripley. You may not know her name, but trust us, she is a total badass.

The UK based Bruce is a martial artist, trained in Tang Soo Do, wirework, and weapons handling. She is also a 4th degree black belt, and holds the world record for most kicks in one minute (you can see part of her record-setting performance in the second video below – it’s crazy).

She is fairly amazing, and we have two videos to prove it.

The first was released shortly before The Force Awakens. It shows Bruce doing moves using a staff, not all that dissimilar from the weapon Rey carries. Where Rey was a talented scavenger with some moves, however, Bruce looks more like a full Jedi.

Check out the clip then keep reading after the jump.

Although The Force Awakens is Bruce’s highest profile job, she has been working in Hollywood for years now. She was Zoe Saldana’s stunt double in Guardians of the Galaxy, appeared in World War Z, she just completed work on the Assassin’s Creed film, and many others.

Check out a best of clip of her below. It contains some of her live performances, including a quick glimpse as she sets the world record for most kicks in a minute.

In short, she is a total badass.



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