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A headless ghost haunts a school in Iraq

A headless ghost haunts a school in Iraq

In today’s edition of paranormal stuff, we take you to Iraq. And if ghosts are a real thing, then Iraq is probably haunted as shit.

There are also some reports that claim this was recorded in Afghanistan, but the common consensus is that it is from Iraq.

The clip below was reportedly captured by a group of local teenagers as they explored an abandoned school. The group didn’t notice the ghost at the time, which isn’t all that unusual in haunting stories. Sometimes cameras supposedly pick up things the naked eye can’t – the same is true, and even more common with audio.

Or, of course, it could be fake.

When I’m looking for ghost videos, I do a couple of searches to see if that particular video has been debunked. If I find one, and if the debunking is compelling, I won’t post it.

If I can’t easily find an explanation for the clip, I tend to glance through the comments. Once you get passed the “FAKE, obvs, you guys are so stooped for falling for this, god yer dum,” there are generally a few god points to be found. In this case though, all I really took from it is that YouTube commenters are scumbags. Especially when a video is posted and the people in it have the audacity to speak Arabic.

Not all of the comments were from mouthbreathers, but there are enough that those one way trip offers to Mars sound more and more appealing.

Anyway, if the clip is real it’s messed up. It appears to be a headless ghost. The teenagers noticed it when they got back and watched the footage on a computer, which explains why they didn’t run screaming out of there.

Check it out.



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