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Zombie Raccoons Are Terrorizing Ohio

Zombie Raccoons Are Terrorizing Ohio

Reports from Youngstown, Ohio state that more than a dozen raccoons have been behaving oddly, earning them the name zombie raccoons.

There’s a lot of debate about raccoons. Some people seem them as adorable scamps. They have cute little masks and eat food like they are constantly saying “nom nom nom.” Others, however, see them as furry vermin. They can carry rabies and be vicious. Well, this little piece of news out of Ohio is probably going to add fuel to the fires of the latter group.

Over the weekend, multiple residents of Youngstown, Ohio called the police to report raccoons appearing in their yards and acting strangely. The reports claimed that the animals were displaying zombie-like behavior – and not just once, but at least 14 times.

The raccoons reportedly entered people’s yards during the middle of the day – unusual for the nocturnal animals – and then began to bare their teeth. They then crept toward people and animals in the yard menacingly, walking on their hind legs. They also weren’t scared off by loud noises, and just generally moved and acted unnaturally. And then it got really weird.

The raccoons would then fall over backward and go into a comatose state before randomly springing up again and repeating the whole process. It was enough to freak people out to the point of calling the police on the animals.

Local animal experts don’t believe that rabies is the cause, but raccoons are extremely susceptible to contracting rare diseases. Those diseases tend to stay with them and don’t cross over to other species, plus they generally stay local rather than spreading to the larger raccoon population, but it is still very odd.

The raccoons that were brought to the attention of the authorities were eventually captured and euthanized. Citizens are also being encouraged to snitch on any shifty looking raccoons they see, partly to control a possible outbreak, and partly because they are freaky and terrorizing people with zombie-like behavior.

Raccoons aren’t so adorable now, are they?



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