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Zen and the art of digital racing: A few Forza 6 tips to help get you rolling

Forza 6 tips

Although the Forza series is obviously results driven, meaning you need to win or place to advance, it really is up to you on how you want to play.

Forza Motorsport 6, like its predecessors, is a racing simulator – if you want it to be. You can adjust the settings to make it as realistic as possible, which forces you to be mindful of everything from the muffler to the spoiler. Or, you can let the AI handle that and just race.

At its best, the Forza series can be zen-like. It’s meditative and calming, even as opposing cars slam into you (and vice-versa). Or, it can be more high-octane. It’s your call.

With that in mind, we have some Forza 6 tips that you may or may not use, but hopefully you’ll find them beneficial. Even if you find something else that works for you, it’s good to have options.

So check out our Forza 6 tips guide below, and let us know if there’s anything we missed!

Adjust your assists, and turn off the autobrake

Before each race, you can adjust the assists, which in turn affects the rewards you receive after a match.

Experiment with these to find the skill level you want, but turn off the brake assist as soon as possible. It may be helpful if you’ve never played a racing game, and it’s a nice option for those that don’t like racing sims at all. For everyone else though, it’s more restrictive than helpful.

  • You can change these options at the start of every race, so play around.
  • Leave the Traction and Stability control on until you are really comfortable with the game.

Bumps and bruises  

Forza 6 tips

The rumble feature on the Xbox One controller is more than just a cool effect. There are four rumble units in each Xbox One controller, and they react differently based on how you are driving. If you are sliding left around a corner, the two packs on the left may vibrate more. If you are drifting to the right, one of the right packs will vibrate creating a lighter rumble effect, and so on.

Get used to the feel of the rumble. It can help you get a sense of how you are driving. If the shaking is violent, you may be taking corners too fast.

Check in 

When you log on for the first time each day, make sure you take a moment to go to the message center before you do anything.

The message center offers news on the game including updates and things like DLC, but it also offers new rivalry matchups and – most importantly – rewards simply for having your Drivatar race. Sign in for the Forza Hub as well for some additional bonuses.

It’s an easy way to earn some credits, but you need to claim them.

  • If you’ve played other Forza titles, you’ll earn additional bonuses from the Forza Hub.

Draft kings 

Forza 6 tips

One of the most important and unheralded aspects of Forza 6 is drafting (not to be confused with drifting).

If you play enough racing games, you’re probably used to this by now, but Forza 6 has a deep draft system. If you are in a straight away trailing behind an opponent, stay directly behind them and you will draft them.

In real life, drafting relieves the stress on an engine and saves gas, but neither are really an issue in Forza. It will, however, give you credits for successfully drafting, and it does give you a boost of speed when you want to pass by.

  • There are plenty of mods that reward you for drafting.
  • Drafting works best when you have courses with long straightaways.
  • If you have an opponent right behind you, swerve a bit to break their draft.

Embrace the rain

Forza 6 tips

If you don’t play a lot of racing games, the weather may be little more than an inconvenience, or at best a novelty. If you are a racing fan though, the weather – specifically the rain – is an entirely new way to play.

It’s not like no other racing game has used rain effects before, but Forza 6 does it very well.

In some ways you’ll have to re-learn what you know of racing games and predict your movements much earlier than you’re used to. The water can easily make you slide out, but if you can predict how it will affect you, you can use it to your advantage.

If you try the rain matches and hate them, just alter the Drivatar difficulty and race conservatively. Your opponents will make a mess of it and you can cruise to an easy win and move on.

  • Puddles are weapons. If you see one coming and you are jockeying for position, force them into the path of a massive puddle, then nudge them when they hit it. If you time it right, you can make them spin out.
  • Use the cockpit view if you really want to be impressed – although it makes things much tougher if you aren’t used to it.
  • Cars with a higher top speed will be of less use than those with good braking and handling.
  • Don’t ever slam on the brakes while in a puddle – you will fish tail. Even if you need to hit the brakes, wait until you’ve passed through it.

Gas (and steer and brake) giants 

Forza 6 tips

Although Forza 6 is very much a racing simulator, in many ways it has a lot of similarities with rhythm games. It’s really all about timing.

You don’t chop at races, you find a groove and slide your way through traffic. You take corners smoothly and hit the gas when needed. There is a feel to racing each track, and you have to be willing to commit.

You also have to put aside the natural inclination of gamers to always go faster and stronger. If you are approaching a sharp turn, don’t slam on the brakes and then hit the gas full on. Sliding sideways around a corner is not the fastest way to get around it.

Keep an eye on the minimap (easier said than done), and know when corners are coming. If you are using the line, it will turn red early to give you warning. You can generally push that and keep speed up longer than the line suggests, but slow down for a turn, give it gas as you are turning, then punch it.

It may seem counterintuitive to take a corner at 40 as opposed to sliding around it at 60, but you need your momentum more than a high speed. 

Know your whip 

Forza 6 tips

Part of what has made the Forza series so lasting is that it appeals to gearheads and non-gearheads alike. You don’t have to know things like the proper tire PSI or the best gear ratio to win, but there are some general things that you should be aware of.

For example, a front-wheel drive car will move differently from a rear-wheel drive. This is especially pronounced in inclement weather.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages of each type of car, it really just comes down to how you play. Be aware of the differences though, and play to your gaming strengths.

It also helps to know the track. There are 26 destinations, and they are all unique. Some are made for straight away speeds, other are designed with turns in mind. When you’re selecting your car, keep an eye on the appropriate stat. If the track has a long stretch, top speed will help – if it is twisty, handling and acceleration may be a better fit.

  • You will probably end up with a fair number of cars that you win through the wheel spin. Save the expensive, elite cars you win, but you may want to sell the mid-level cars – unless you really want to drive that make and model.
  • There are 460 cars in Forza 6. Don’t get too attached to any one ride. Mix it up a bit.

Mod squad 

Forza 6 tips


Forza 6 features mods, augmenters that can be activated before each race. Some are a single use – things like improve your grid position and earn credits for performing a specific move – while others are there for as long as you want them. You can select three for any race.

You can earn mod packs through wheel spins after you level up, or by using the credits you earn to purchase packs. The costs range from 12,000 up to 300,000. In the early going, mods can help, but you may want to hold off on buying packs until you have some credits to spare. It really just depends on how you play.

If you follow the career path, you’ll be limited in the cars you can buy. They generally won’t cost more than you’ve earned either, so don’t be driven by credits. If you have extra credits, purchasing packs won’t hurt you.

Wait on the mods until you know what you want to do though.

  • In the packs you have a good chance at picking up a purple “dare” mod. These inflict some penalty on you, but the rewards for overcoming them are high. You may want to hold onto these until you are at a spot where you can go back and re-race a match. Using one in a career match is risky.


Forza 6 tips

While the career mode can keep you playing for weeks months, the rivalry mode can have you playing forever.

Check in with the message center frequently for new rivalry matchups, and look for one that suits you. The career mode can make you better at a particular style of driving as you race multiple times in a row in one discipline, but the rivalry matchups are full of variety and give you a good taste of everything Forza 6 has to offer.

  • The “Showcase Events,” including Top Gear races, are also worth checking out as soon as you have a moment.


When you first start, use an automatic gearbox. Even if you are a veteran, Forza 6 has its own feel and the auto transmission makes it easier to learn. Once you’re confident you’ve got the basics down though, try out the manual.

Shifting manually takes some time to get used to, so try it out in a free mode or practice before jumping into a career race or rivalry mode.

If you just can’t get used to it, don’t worry. The automatic transmission is very well made. You may not reach some of the fastest scores as posted online, but don’t stress out about it.

  • If the game is just too easy for your god-like racing abilities, try manual with the clutch.

You can apologize later for your Drivatar

Forza 6 tips

If my Drivatar really does mimic my style of driving in my friends’ single player races, I will need to apologize to each and every one of them repeatedly.

If you have a friend that plays Forza 6, their racing profile will be loaded onto the cloud and then injected into your game. So if, just for example, someone you know tends to, I don’t know, hit cars in front of them to make them spin out, their Drivatar will be a prick. At least in theory.

The game will also pull the names of your friends to apply to various opponents, even if they don’t play Forza.

If you want to have a more realistic experience (realistic in the sense that you’re actually playing against a human), turn off the “limit aggressiveness” option. They will go after you. If you don’t, you can exploit this and force cars out of your path, as they won’t want to be hit.

  • You can alter the Drivatar skill level. If you want a challenge, crank it up. If you ware having trouble, lower it.

Random tips

  • Depending on your settings, you can scare chasing cars away by swerving at them as they attempt to pass. AI cars will typically avoid being hit.
  • Use free play to check out all the courses.
  • Before the start of most races, you can select the practice option to learn the track.
  • You can bank your spins and take several at once. Just skip the spin when it is offered and you can access it from the menu.
  • The career alone can take upwards of 70+ hours, according to estimates from Turn 10. Results may vary.

Did we miss any Forza 6 tips? Let us know in the comments below!



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