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The Legend of Zelda as a Hong Kong crime thriller, because why not

Zelda as a Hong Kong crime thriller

A group in Hong Kong created a short film depicting The Legend of Zelda as a Hong Kong crime thriller, complete with martial arts scenes.

Although we won’t see the next Legend of Zelda game until the launch of the Nintendo NX in 2017, that hasn’t stopped fans from re-imagining the property in new ways. One of those re-imaginations comes as a short film, and involves putting Link on the Hong Kong police force, searching for a kidnapped Zelda.

And he’s a maverick!

The entire film is under 10 minutes. About half of that is a fight scene, but it is surprisingly compelling. After Link quits the police force to go the Hard Boiled route, he puts aside the Master Sword in favor of a master class in jiu-jitsu. He then confronts Ganon, who in this world is kind of a crime boss of the especially sleazy variety.

The clip was created by a group known as Dayside TV, a Chinese-based team that makes all manner of short-films, all steeped in “geek culture,” and most of which focus on martial arts – or at least, that’s where they end up. That’s fairly common for movies coming out of Hong Kong, but the properties they choose to parody make things feel original.

Along with video games, the group has done a few clips with Marvel characters, Power Rangers, and more.

Given that we’ll have to wait nearly a year for the long-promised next major Zelda game, this may help keep you interested in the meantime Yeah, ok, probably not. It’s an eight-minute short film, not a sprawling adventure in Hyrule. Still, it’s cool. Check it out.



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