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Zack Snyder reportedly meeting with HBO about a Watchmen TV series

Zack Snyder reportedly meeting with HBO about a Watchmen TV series

Alan Moore’s Watchmen is a massive, complex comic with a huge amount of depth, and a fully realized world. There’s a reason it’s considered a classic, and it could have become one of the best superhero movies ever made – if Zack Snyder hadn’t gotten to it first.

Yeah, I said it.

It’s easy to blame Snyder for the lukewarm reception his 2009 Watchmen received. There’s no “but” there if that’s what you’re waiting for.

To be fair, Snyder filmed the comic almost shot for shot. Sure, it lacked soul, style, humor, emotion, and was overall kind of sterile, but he tried. It was a difficult comic to adapt, and he did adequately.

Part of the problem was simply that the comic was so dense. Some of what made it work is that it wasn’t just the story of a group of heroes investigating the murder of one of their own, it was the analysis of what heroes can do to a world – especially the damage they can cause. It’s difficult to build that world in a movie – even an “ultimate cut” of the film that runs 215 minutes.

In many ways,Watchmen was always best suited to be a TV show. And now that might actually happen.

According to a report from Collider, Snyder has met with executives from HBO to discuss a potential Watchmen TV series. There are no details yet, and it may be little more than talk, but it’s something.

HBO talks to producers all the time, but that doesn’t mean much. Given Synder’s clout and the success of superhero properties though – and given that HBO is one of the few major networks that hasn’t really cashed in on that popularity – it does make sense.

Given that there are no details, it’s impossible to know what Snyder may be pitching. It could be a full reboot of the original comic and movie, or it could be more.

The original comic had plenty of additional content, including a huge amount of background material about the older heroes. That alone could fill a series. More recently though, DC has created a prequel series of Watchmen related comics under the “Before Watchmen” banner. All of that could fuel a lengthy ongoing series – or a mini-series, or a prequel movie, or a dozen other things.

Assuming it is all correct, it could be a while in the making. Snyder is currently busy sterilizing adapting the DC universe. Even if he only acts as a producer, it could be years before he has time to get things going.



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