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YouTuber explores abandoned MMO, finds he’s not alone

YouTuber explores abandoned MMO, finds he’s not alone

Every now and then, a YouTuber named Vinesauce jumps online and explores mostly abandoned MMOs while people watch through a  livestream. The games are kind of creepy in their desolation, but that is nothing compared to suddenly and unexpectedly running across another player – one that may or may not be an NPC.

And one that knows the real name of the player.

Vinesauce explores MMORPGS that are mostly abandoned, and this week, he logged into the game Abandoned Worlds.

The clip below is edited, but Vinesauce claims it isn’t a fake. He says that he isn’t the type of streamer to set up elaborate encounters, and the majority of the 6,000 people or so that watched him on Sunday night seem to believe him.

Originally launched on June 28, 1995, tens of thousands of players once explored the 3D universe of Abandoned Worlds. Initially the game charged an annual subscription fee. To make up for a loss of revenue, the subscription fee drastically increased, more or less ensuring the death of the game. In 2013, the registration fee was removed completely, but dated graphics and a lack of support left the game mostly abandoned. Mostly.

Originally posted by Kotaku, the clip shows Vinesauce exploring the empty world, which is somewhat creepy in its own right. Then he meets Hitomi Fujiko, and things get really weird.

At first, Vinesauce assumes the other character is an NPC designed to look act a human. It quickly becomes apparent that isn’t the case.

Hitomi Fujiko begins to speak to Vinesauce on a personal, and existential level, asking if he is real. When Vinesauce replies that he doesn’t know if Hitomi is real or not, it keeps getting weirder.

Vinesauce follows the character around for a bit, but then Hitomi Fujiko begins to and say things like he can’t feel anything. Then he asks Vinesauce if he can feel pain.

That’s when Hitomi Fujiko tells Vinesauce to run, before morphing into a monster.

Vinesauce does exactly that, but heads back later to get some closure. There Hitomi Fujiko tells Vinesauce that he used to be a ruler of those lands, but Vinesauce (and presumably “humans” like him) killed off the land. Then he disappears – but not before calling Vinesauce by his real name.

The clip is all kinds of weird, and others have pointed out the Hitomi Fujiko has a website that is basically a riddle. No one has solved it yet (that I’ve found). There is obviously more to it.

The smart money is on an Abandoned Worlds admin of some sort hearing about the exploration, then creating the character, and shortly after, the website. During the stream, others tried to create accounts to join Vinesauce, but the login was down (possibly because of the sudden surge of interest).

It’s a great way to generate interest in the forgotten game, but regardless, it’s a creepy video. Check it out below.



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