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You Can Now Tour Japan from a Dog’s Point of View, Finally

You Can Now Tour Japan from a Dog’s Point of View, Finally

Google Street View now lets you tour Japan from the point of view of an Akita breed dog, specifically Akita prefecture.

When you are looking for a specific location on Google Maps, the Google Street View function can be a lifesaver. Most buildings look the same from the top looking down, so the street view can help prevent you from awkwardly knocking on the wrong door or accidentally walking into a pizza shop and asking for a massage (It gets real weird, real quick! Or so we’ve heard…)

But Google Earth took things one step further in the Akita prefecture of Japan. Instead of cruising around in a car with a giant sphere on its roof, it strapped a camera onto a dog and took it on several very long walks. So if you’ve ever had the very specific desire to tour Japan from a dog’s point of view, well, here you go.

The dog used is important as well. The Akita breed is native to the area – hence the name. It is a rare breed, found mainly in Japan and some areas of America, and purebreds can cost about the same as a high-mileage car. They also love the snow, as evidenced by the behind the scenes footage of how the dog street view came about.

The footage was captured using three Akita pups: Asuka, Ako, and Puko. Together with Google employees, they were very gudboys, and they helped to map out the prefecture and Odate City with 360-degree views. If you pan around you can see their tails going nuts or look forward and see beyond their fluffy ears.

So how does this affect your daily life? It’s an adorable dog(s) with a camera. What more do you need to know?



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