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Worst US cities to be in when a zombie apocalypse hits

Worst US cities to be in when a zombie apocalypse hits

A real estate website has ranked the 25 worst cities in the US to be if a zombie apocalypse comes, so you better have a plan.

Let’s be real here – it’s only a matter of time until a zombie apocalypse happens. Hopefully, you already have a contingency plan in mind. It’s just common sense.

To start, you should consider where you want to go. The odds are you will be near your hometown when the outbreak happens, but if you live in one of these 25 cities, you may want to take some additional steps.

The real estate website Trulia has ranked the 25 worst cities in the United States to be in if, and when, a zombie apocalypse hits. It based its rankings on four factors according to HuffPo: how good the city’s walk score is, the density of hardware stores, hospital density, and traffic congestion.

Based on those criteria, the people of Honolulu might as well cover themselves in Ranch dressing now, because they are going to make for a delicious zombie snack according to the rankings. Hawaii’s capital is a walker’s delight – that makes for good sightseeing, but also clears a path for zombies to spread through the town without much difficulty. The numerous hospitals are a good thing for residents, but they also make for a buffet of weak victims, while the heavy congestion on the roads makes escaping problematic. The relatively low number of hardware stores also means there are less potential zombie-killing tools to be found.

A complete list of the 25 cities dubbed the “Most Appetizing US Cities for Zombies” can be found below:

1)  Honolulu

2)  New York City

3)  Newark

4)  Boston

5)  Washington DC

6)  worst cities US zombiesSan Francisco

7)  Miami

8)  Orange County

9)  Los Angeles

10) Seattle

11) Chicago

12) Denver

13) Portland

14) Middlesex County

15) Las Vegas

16) Philadelphia

17) Pittsburgh

18) Austin

19) San Jose

20) Baltimore

21) Oakland

22) Dallas

23) New Orleans

24) Houston

25) El Paso

If you need help coming up with your own zombie contingency plan, the CDC has a link to help you out.

I am not ashamed to admit that I have a fairly intricate zombie contingency plan. It begins with a fairly risky, but vital trek across #13 Portland with my wife and any nearby survivors to a police supply warehouse located next to a massive food distribution center. After loading up an armored car – or at least a heavy duty van – we would then head for an island northwest of town, located at the convergence of two rivers.

We would block the only roads leading to the island, then take refuge and set sirens off in a controlled area to lure the zombies that may be hiding among the island’s few houses and rows of crops. After that was taken care of we’d plant crops, fish, and begin the hard task of surviving.

Of course, there is something of a drawback to this plan, which I was reminded of when I slipped and fell on my ass while walking down a wet set of stairs. No one has ever accused me of being graceful, and zombies don’t tend to wait for you to get up after tripping over your own feet. Otherwise, I feel my plan is solid.

What’s your plan? Sound off below.




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  1. Kit Dineen October 22, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    My plan is to find someone with a plan and follow them around. Basically.

  2. miracle November 6, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    My husband said we have enough bullets, that we dont need a plan. I was simultaneously relieved and horrified.


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