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World War II as told through clickbait headlines

World War II clickbait

Not to be too dramatic or overstate the point, but clickbait headlines are a blight on humanity and could lead to the destruction of the Earth. Read on to find out how!

Seriously though, clickbait headlines suck, especially when they are used with serious news. It’s annoying when you see a headline like “Your favorite superhero is about to die!”, but it’s entertainment. You can read it or not and it won’t make any real difference.

When it comes to using clickbait headlines for pertinent news though, or when it boils down something complex into a teaser, that’s when clickbait brings down the collective legitimacy of media everywhere.

It’s not like we at DBP are above spicing up a headline. The old style headlines that simply announced the news are dead, and you need a little juice to get people interested. That said, there is a difference between writing an entertaining headline and hiding information behind it.

We also don’t write news that could impact your daily life in a practical way. Cool, fun, and sexy like a supermodel covered in honey, sure, but nothing that will hurt you by not knowing.

No outlet should ever cover a massive and important piece of legislation and hide that news behind something like “This legislation could rob you of your civil liberties!” If there is an actual piece of legislation that could steal my civil liberties, I sure as hell don’t need to be tricked into reading the article.

The real problem with these types of headlines is the inevitable backlash. If I do see a headline now that is clickbait, I just assume it is bullshit. These types of headlines show a little lack of confidence in the material.

I hate them, and I hope that the editors at these sites get a dozen paper cuts on their fingers and their keyboards are covered salt and lime juice. But it got me thinking.

At first, it started as a time waster, just an intellectual experiment. What if we told World War II through clickbait headlines? It was kind of fun. Then I opened it up to people on Facebook and it became an event. The results were amazing. A little disappointingly heavy on holocaust humor, perhaps, but thank you all for participating!

Below are a mix of the best clickbait headlines of World War II from both DBP friends of the page (the submitter is listed when applicable). A few strayed from the pure clickbait mentality, but they were worth publishing.

We may end up doing some more of these in the future, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.

So with that in mind:

The best World War II clickbait headlines! 


Five of the Craziest Things Hitler has Said

Nazi Uniforms – Heil Fashion! – Kiala Kazebee

WWII raly

You Won’t Believe What Jesse Owens Just Did in Front of Hitler!

Adolf Hitler Just DESTROYED Neville Chamberlain With This One Treaty!

When you See what This Italian Dictator Did, your Jaw Will Drop

At First he Looks Like he is Just Shouting, but at Ten Minutes in I was Ready to Exterminate a Race! – Jesse Hancock

World War II clickbait

Match Your Favorite Stars to Their SS Doppelgangers! – Mindy Montgomery

This Hitler Look-Alike’s Resemblance to the Furher is Mind-Blowing 

12 Images Only European Jews will Appreciate

Mr. Reich or Mr. Reich now? Take our Compatibility Quiz to Find Out! – Jeris Schaefer

World War II clickbait

President Mościcki Hates him! Learn how One Man Made Danzig Part of Germany Again in just 36 Days! – Alec James Radecki

You Won’t Believe How Awkward These SS Officers Looked in High School! – Jesse Hancock

Germany Just Attacked WHO?!

First they Attacked Poland and Scandinavia, but No One saw the Next Attack Coming

World War II clickbait

Rent in Paris is About to Plummet – You won’t Believe Why! 


You Won’t Believe who Just Attacked Hawaii!

Here’s how you Can Get an All-Expenses Paid Trip to Europe or Asia  – credit to Nara Sin

You Won’t Believe what These Women are Doing Without Their Men! – Katy Calder

Want to See if Your Italian Ally is About to Jump Ship? – Jesse Hancock

World War II clickbait

This British General May have Just Cost the Allies the War!

10 Things you Can Trade for Silk Unmentionables! #7 is Probably in Your Root Cellar Already! – Jason Bailes

This Munitions Factory Worker has Loose Lips… You Wont Believe What Happens Next! – Scott Fullerton

World War II clickbait

This European Hotspot Just Became the Most Visited Beach in the World, but you Won’t Believe Why

10 of the Hottest Guys Keeping us Safe on Normandy Beach – Katy Calder


10 Things Hitler Did Nazi Coming – Stephen Weingarten

Ryan Fleming got Homosexual Gypsy. Click Here to see Which Type of Death Camp Victim you are! – Jesse Hancock

World War II clickbait

How to Get Your Man to Finally Commit to You! Stories from a War Time Bunker. – Tiffany Bolvin

This One Weird Trick Could End the War with Japan! – Anders Liljeholm

I got Eisenhower! See Which WWII General You Are – Nara Sin

These Clouds over Japan Look Amazing, but When you Hear What They Are it Will Blow Your Mind!

World War II Isn’t Even Over Yet, but This Country is Already Preparing for WWIII!

The Death Toll of World War II Will Blow Your Mind!



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