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The most amazing/horrible thing you’ll see all day

slackline walk

All I can say is nope. Nope, nope, nope, nope.

Spencer Seabrooke is a crazy sumbitch. Like, he might actually be certifiably crazy. Or he was trained by Batman. Either way, he isn’t normal.

Seabrooke decided that he wanted to try to set a world record – but not just any record, one of the most pants-shittingly terrifying world records imaginable. Seabroke elected to set the world record for free solo slackline walk.

And he did it by going seven full meters further than the previous record holder.

I do not like heights. I’ve tried bungee jumping, and it isn’t like I live underground to avoid being above sea level, but I am not a fan.

With that in mind, if someone tried to force me to do what did in in this video, it be my worst nightmare.

Granted, I wouldn’t make it more than a foot or two before I fell to my death screaming about how much I hate heights, but if I somehow managed to take a few steps I would find the person that forced me onto the rope and light their nipples on fire.

It makes me physically uncomfortable to see Seabrooke walking on the line. There is even a moment where he almost falls. That may have been slightly manufactured to ratchet up the tension. If so, no one should ever allow Seabrooke to borrow their car, or housesit for them. God knows what will happen.

The more angles the video shows, the more spectacular – and worse – that it is. By the way, Seabrooke is 951 feet in the air, if you were wondering.

Special thanks to past DBPP guest Cort Webber for the link.

Check it out below.



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