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This is the longest basketball shot you’ll ever see (until the next one)

world record basketball shot

A group went to Tasmania in order to set the world record basketball shot for the longest basketball shot ever made – 415 feet, or 126.5 meters.

The NBA season just ended the other night following a fairly spectacular Finals. Well, spectacular if you are a Golden State fan. For Cleveland fans, not so much. But while Stephen Curry was nailing 3s and LeBron James was doing his best not to murder his wholly ineffective teammates, a group in Tasmania was busy breaking records.

The group “How Ridiculous,” a charity team dedicated to fighting childhood poverty, went to the Gordon Dam in Tasmania to set a new record and get  a little bit of attention for its cause.

And damn if they didn’t succeed. Get it? Damn? Because they are on a dam? Anyway…

The Gordon Dam stands 415 feet (126.5 meters), and the team took its shot from the top. The previous Guinness World Record for a basketball shot made from the greatest height – which was also set by How Ridiculous – was a meager 91 meters. This video show them absolutely crushing that former record.

The shot is absolutely incredible. It probably took several takes, but that doesn’t matter. The guy just sets up, casually tosses it down, and the rest is a world record. You can even see the wind take its toll on the ball as it descends, but that doesn’t stop the shot from going in.

Based on the group’s YouTube page, this is just the most recent record and it is already looking for its next World Record setting location.

Check out the video below. Sure, LeBron or one of the Splash Brothers may be able to drop 30 points a game without thinking about it, but could they hit a shot from 415 feet? Well, maybe, but they probably have better things to do. Check out the record setting shot below.



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