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Where the hell did this ghost car come from?

Where the hell did this ghost car come from?

I’ve watched the video below at least 30 times, and I still have no idea where the “ghost car” comes from. I’ve read a few explanations, each more improbable than the next, and I still can’t really explain it.

For our Halloween entry today, we’re going in a slightly different direction. Some people are calling this a ghost car, but that’s not really fair. It’s just a very weird and unexplained video, and not a ghost. Probably.

Logically, it has to just be a freak camera angle; I’m certainly not saying that it’s a ghost car. I’m not saying that the car suddenly appears out of nowhere, even though it seems to appear out of nowhere.

You might wonder how the clip was caught in the first place – that’s easy to explain: it comes from Russia.

The roads in Russia are shockingly dangerous, and corrupt police often make things much worse when someone is in an accident. Thanks to that, and thanks to the inexpensive nature of cameras with flash memory, it’s considered normal to have a dashboard camera. If you don’t have one, you’re kind of a sucker.

So with that explained, the question becomes where the hell did that second car come from?

If you want to delve deep into some stupid, check out the comments on YouTube. Most of the people agree that it is a super bizarre video, but every couple of posters you’ll find someone that has seen a few too many episodes of CSI and suddenly fancies themselves a forensics expert.

There are even clips dedicated to debunking this video. My favorite is the one that tries to explain how a car comes up from a distant lane about 200 feet away, and obviously jumped over a curb, ran over a hedge, then cut diagonally through oncoming traffic towards the camera before suddenly taking a sharp right directly in front of another car. Like you do. And according to the video, anyone that doesn’t get that is an idiot (insert “wake up sheeple” exclamation here).

There’s probably a logical explanation. The car was probably just at a weird angle.

Of course, it does kind of look like no one is driving the car….



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