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When superheroes play soccer, everyone cheats

When superheroes play soccer, everyone cheats

A group known as Ronny Street Stunts created a video showing what it would be like if video game characters and superheroes play soccer. They all cheat.

If you were a kid in the 80s or 90s and you read comics, you may remember a popular story trope that appeared in several comics: superheroes playing sports amongst themselves.

A famous example of this was when the Avengers faced off against the West Coast Avengers in an annual game of baseball. It was inevitably broken up by a threat to the galaxy, but it was a neat idea. The X-Men used to play baseball fairly often too, as did others.

The clip below comes from Ronny Street Stunts, and it features several well-known characters taken from video games, sci-fi/fantasy movies, and comics. They are all fairly easy to place, and they range the gamut from the Man of Steel to Arno from Assassin’s Creed Unity.

There are a few others thrown in there as well, including the odd Jedi, Neo from the Matrix series, and Space Ghost.

Regardless of what property they come from, they all seem to have the same way of looking at a friendly game of soccer – they cheat.

Most of the characters have powers, and they use them liberally. There are a few exceptions, so the characters do what they can, like sneaking up behind others and attacking them.

The clip was released in March 2015, and it has been viewed over 1.2 million times. So naturally, there are a bunch of people that gave it thumbs down, because even video of kittens get thumbs down. (To be fair, only 539 people have given it a negative review, which is actually a shockingly good ratio.)

Check out the Ronny Street Stunts YouTube page for a bunch of other videos, including several parkour clips.



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