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When a ghost throws a brick, its time to GTFO

When a ghost throws a brick, its time to GTFO

In our march towards Halloween, we’ve been posting a new ghost video every day (excluding weekends). The videos have primarily been short clips captured on CCTV systems, or by someone that was filming something else.

Occasionally there are videos from people hoping to catch a ghost – or at least an answer to why something bizarre is happening. Up to this point though, we’ve avoided posting videos from professional paranormal investigators hunting the unknown for a TV show.

Some of them are fun, but there is always that edge of uncertainty when you watch a team of professional ghost investigators. Even if they are 100-percent legit, there’s a natural and understandable inclination to exaggerate certain things.

Maybe that EVP said “I will kill you all,” or maybe it was a distortion that sounds more like “blarg a ferger.” And that’s not even touching on the teams that have been outright caught faking things.

Still, they are fun to watch, and every once in awhile they capture something that is really, really weird.

One of the most popular of these shows is the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. Until a recent shakeup, the team consisted of three members – a lead investigator and Ed Hardy aficionado Zak Bagans, perpetually endangered co-investigator Nick Groff, and king of the bros equipment manager Aaron Goodwin.

They have appeared in several ghost investigations, including numerous spinoffs, but it all began with a single low budget documentary.

For the documentary the crew investigated a handful of locations in Nevada, and they came up with some interesting footage. They even went on TV midway through and showed news stations some of their findings, including an apparition that left video experts and skeptics baffled.

Then they went to the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada, and shit got real.

While investigating the hotel on their own, Zak and Nick captured footage that no one to this day has been able to debunk – and many have tried. Video experts have seen it and confirmed it is unexplained. Physicists have watched it and were left without an answer.

It’s best seen rather than explained. Check it out below.



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