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Here’s what Earth would look like if humans disappeared

Here’s what Earth would look like if humans disappeared

A new video goes into detail on what Earth would look like if humans disappeared in the short term and long, and why it would look like that.

People are fascinated by what would happen to the Earth if humans suddenly disappeared. Maybe it’s our inherent nihilistic streak, or maybe it’s a reflection of the dark moods that seem to be gaining strength, possibly exacerbated by the election year. Or maybe it’s just because we’ve seen so many movies where cities are destroyed that this is just a cool extension of that.

Whatever the reason, a group known as Mind Warehouse created a new video showing what would happen if there were suddenly no humans. It’s important to note that the premise of the video is that all the humans on Earth are suddenly gone. If there were a plague or a war that wiped us all out, the results would be different. Even if every human body suddenly turned off, that would cause a different result as our corpses would present all sorts of issues.

Instead, the clip shows the Earth getting on with the business of cleaning up after us. It starts with the short term affects, and then fast forwards far into the future to a point where the only traces of our civilization are a handful of stone structures that eventually disappear themselves.

The clip is a bit like a bite sized version of the show Life After People, which took an interesting idea and stretched it far beyond the breaking point. This video is far more concise and gives a bigger picture look than the show, which often focused on the specifics.

In short, the Earth will be fine. Small dogs are screwed and the whales would be happy to see us go, but the planet would be alright.

Check out the video below for a look at the planet without humans.



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