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Ever wondered what a shark sees? Wonder no more

what a shark sees

The GoPro craze continues to provide us with some absolutely incredible footage. It can give us a look at aspects of the world we would otherwise never see. Like, for example, what a shark sees.

Cinematographer Andy Casagrande decided to answer that question. To do so, he dives into shark infested waters, then attaches a GoPro to the fin of a hammerhead shark. He then lets it go and lets the shark do all the work.

Casagrande obviously knows what he’s doing. You can’t just grab a hammerhead by its face unless you know what’s up. Well, you can, but you’d be completely insane.

The cinematographer is well versed in working with animals, and he places the camera in a way that won’t cause the shark any harm. It seems fairly annoyed, but it is not harmed in any way.

The real question is how did he get the camera back? Either there is a tracker on the camera, or he is an amazingly good swimmer and was able to keep up. Or he’s Aquaman.

The camera footage captures the shark going about its business, just being all sharky and stuff. It’s a cool video. It’s no rocket reaching space, or playing pro hockey, but it’s cool and probably the first time you’ve seen life from this angle.



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