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And Now, the Weirdest Rick and Morty Trailer yet (and That’s Saying Something)

And Now, the Weirdest Rick and Morty Trailer yet (and That’s Saying Something)

In anticipation of the upcoming third season that debuts on July 30, Adult Sim just released the weirdest Rick and Morty trailer yet.

Rick and Morty is a weird show, in a good way. From Soderbergh monsters to recreating actual court cases, the Adult Swim cartoon from Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon can get very strange. It also loves to do things in an unconventional way, like surprising fans with the premiere of the new season on April 1, and offering a behind the scenes look at how seriously the cast takes it (kind of). And the pair of new videos below highlighting the upcoming third season are right in that vein.

The first is a live-action clip from the Adult Swim Facebook page, showing what an office full of Meeseeks might look like. It’s done in the style of an ambulance chasing attorney or a late-night infomercial, and it is kind of odd. Check it out below, then keep reading for the marquee event.

The second trailer is a more traditional trailer, but only in comparison to the bizarre, live-action Meeseeks clip. Compared to anything else, it is the strangest thing you’ll probably see all day, and is almost certainly the weirdest Rick and Morty trailer yet – but don’t hold us to that.

Each section of the trailer was created by a different artist, and each creator was only allowed to watch the last second or two of the part before to maintain continuity. Not that it really needs to tell a story or anything.

Season three of Rick and Morty will debut on July 30, 2017 (not counting the single episode released in April). The season will consist of 10 episodes in total. Check out the clip below and prepare yourselves.