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We Have a New Contender for Weirdest Music Video of the Year

We Have a New Contender for Weirdest Music Video of the Year

Russian rave band Little Big are back with their newest single, and it is instantly a contender for the title of the weirdest music video of the year.

The internet is a weird, and sometimes magical place. Sure, most of what you’ll find online will inevitably be warped into something that makes you question whether or not humanity is really worth saving, but every once in a while you’ll find something so genuinely bizarre that it just sort of makes you stop and fall into it.

With music videos, it happens at least once a year, sometimes more. And it’s launched careers – sometimes it’s launched them sideways into a wall more than up, but it’s usually worth watching. And for every Pen-pineapple or weird Chinese chicken song you get, you’ll get a Gangnam Style.

The video below is aware of its weirdness, so it has a chance to be more popular than mocked. But you never know.

The group behind the madness is called Little Big, and they are a Russian rave band that is one part comedy and one part performance art, with a huge dash of weird thrown in. they formed in St. Petersburg in 2013, and have since released three albums and nine singles. They gained a fairly impressive cult following throughout Russia and Europe as well, thanks in part to their bizarre and oddly catchy videos.

Their biggest video to date, at least based on YouTube views, is called “Big Dick.” It’s not… it’s not subtle. But it does have well over 40 million views.

Their latest video is called “SKIBIDI,” and since its launch on October 5 its been viewed more than 17 million times.  it’s about… well, there’s a gang battle, and cats, and lots of dancing, and one of the members appears in a Miraculous Ladybug costume…

You know what? You just have to watch it. It’s kind of like what you might expect if Tommy Wiseau directed a Die Antwoord video. It would take longer to explain than it would to just watch it. Check it out below and if you want to see the rest of their videos, check them out on their YouTube channel.



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