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A few of the weirdest Eurovision videos around to get you in the mood for… music?

weirdest Eurovision videos

To help prepare you for the Eurovision Finals starting on May 8, 2018, we have a few of the weirdest Eurovision videos, or at least our personal favorites, to get you ready.

Update: This list of the weirdest Eurovision videos has been updated with two new entries, and details on the 2018 finals.

Imagine a song competition where Justin Bieber was the opening act, he was followed by Gwar, Beyonce then performed, and the finale was a naked guy singing while surrounded by wolves. Can you picture all of that? If so, then you can just barely start to grasp what Eurovision is all about.

Europe’s best and weirdest annual song competition is a little hard to describe for the uninitiated, partly because there is no real way to accurately describe it year to year. Sure, it’s a song competition, but it’s also performance art. The winners tend to be the people that blend those two sides together the best, but a good gimmick can take a generic team of singers a long, long way.

The result is a show where 80-year-old grandmothers perform next to half-naked women suggestively churning butter. Guys dress up like Ming the Merciless and then sing soprano so they can get more votes than animatronic turkeys. Dubstepping astronauts attempt to top out of tune pop singers.

And those aren’t just wild examples, they have all happened at one point or another at Eurovision.

This year’s finals will be held on Saturday, May 12, 2018. Check out our Eurovision guide to prepare, or just watch some of the weirdest performances we’ve stumbled upon below – note that we don’t’ claim that these are THE weirdest Eurovision performances, just a few of our favorites. There is no way to define the weirdest. The bar is so low it is underground. In a 70s style swingers club. Filled with furries.


Greece 2002

This is true dystopia. Just remember the password.

United Kingdom 2003

How long can you listen to someone sing out of tune? Find out below.

Finland 2006

Imagine watching One Direction open for GWAR and you get a sense of the whiplash this performance caused in 2006.

Ukraine 2007

Rob Zombie should watch this to get ideas for his next album title: The Androgynous Tin Man Acid-Induced Mind Warp (with Accordion).

Ireland 2008

Dustin the Turkey will make you question everything you hold dear in life.

Moldova 2010

If you think the futuristic violin player was awesome wait until you see the saxophone player.

Ireland 2011

The performers Jedward are proof that Walter White’s meth made it to Ireland.

Austria 2012

Before there was Conchita Wurst, the Austrians sent the hip-hop(ish) duo know as the “Trackshittaz.”

Russia 2012

Don’t let these sweet party-ready grannies fool you. They’ll cut you if you mention the 1980 Miracle on Ice.

Montenegro 2013

Your country may have rappers and dubstep, but it doesn’t have rapping dubstep astronauts accompanied by a cyborg.

Romania 2013

“It’s My Life,” and I’ll sing a bizarre form of opera while dressed like a techno wizard version of Dracula if I wanna.

Poland 2014

In 2014, Poland made like the Bulgarian Quidditch team and brought their very own veela to the show.

Ukraine 2017

Eurovision 2016’s winning entry from the Ukraine wasn’t really bizarre at all, at least not on the surface, but it did manage to create a fairly significant international incident. Eurovision has strict rules about the content of the songs, specifically entrants cannot reference current political tensions. If you follow world events, you probably know that the Ukraine is still pissed at Russia for annexing Crimea in 2014, but according to Eurovision rules they couldn’t sing about that. So instead they sang about Russian troops committing atrocities in 1944.

Russia was not amused and filed an official protest. With Ukraine hosting the competition this year, they initially said to hell with it and decided to ban all Russian performers. Eurovision stepped in and negotiated a compromise to allow the Russian Federation to attend, but when singer Yuliya Samoilova was announced as the Russian performer Ukraine then said she was not allowed in because she toured Crimea, so she would have to perform remotely. Russia politely declined (or at least didn’t threaten to go to war), so for the first time since 2003, Russia will not be in the Eurovision finals.

Azerbaijan 2017

Is that a guy standing on a ladder holding a horse head for no discernable reason? Why yes it is.



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