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Weird stick-like creatures haunt Yosemite Park and freak people the F out

Weird stick-like creatures haunt Yosemite Park and freak people the F out

In our lead up to Halloween that will culminate with a Ring-like YouTube post that allows a demon to crawl through your screen, we are posting weird videos with at least a hint of spooky.

Up to this point we’ve been focusing on ghostly videos, but there is so much delightful weirdness out there that it would be a shame to limit ourselves to just that. With that in mind, behold some strange figures that some people call aliens, some people call spirits, but most call them F-ing creepy.

The first video below is from a security camera in Yosemite National Park recorded in March 2011. According to the original poster of the vid, a couple near Yosemite had an issue with break-ins. Nothing major was stolen, but the break-ins were frequent enough that the couple set up a security camera.

The couple captured the video below and passed it on to a friend of theirs with an interest in the paranormal. Check it out below and join us after the jump.

The video quickly gained a lot of popularity, which means several people instantly shouted “fake” and dismissed it. Many others have looked at it more closely though, and found even more questions.

The clip below examines the height of the figures. They are small – small enough that it eliminates the possibility of people wearing robes and walking on stilts. The body shape does that anyway, but extra investigations are always a good thing.


Shortly after the video came out, the SyFy Channel show Faked or Fact: Paranormal Files tried to recreate the movement of the figures. They weren’t able to. That doesn’t mean the video wasn’t faked, but it means it wasn’t an easy fake. The show also couldn’t decide if the video used CGI, but that doesn’t conclusively mean it doesn’t.

The most common claim is that the figures look like puppets, like they are being manipulated by strings. The movement looks impossible. The way the creature’s feet strike the ground is too light for most creatures, and there is very little impact on the ground.

The problem with that theory is the clearing is open – there’s nothing close enough to the figures.

As the video gained popularity, it turned out that someone had previously posted a video of the figures, this one from Fresno, CA in 2010. In it, the camera uses different visuals to look for strings and finds nothing.

Some have called these aliens, but another theory is that they are spirits that Native American tribes of the area have referred to for centuries, known as “Nightcrawlers,” or the “Nocturnals.”

stick-like creaturesThe stories claim that ancient spirits have roamed the forests since before humanity. They have long legs and a head, but no body and they only come out at night. There are even sculptures of these creatures that date back centuries.

There are several versions of stick figure spirits throughout Native American history. Some claim that they are peaceful to those that respect the forest, other legends state that they are malevolent. They hypnotize people – especially women and children – and eat them. They also lead people from safety with whistles, laughter, and children’s voices.

As with all the supernatural videos we post, the easy answer is that it is a fake. Someone heard about these spirits and decided to recreate it for a video, then post it online. Happens all the time, but so far no one has been able to exactly recreate it – and many have tried.

There’s just something unsettling about it. Check it out and let us know what you think.



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