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The next big smartphone touchscreen may be your own arm

wearable touchscreen

The battle to create better and better smartphone screens just took an unusual turn.

Rather than creating a shiny new screen that displays a higher resolution, a French tech company has decided to bypass the screen altogether and instead use your arm as the display. The concept is straightforward enough: a wristband projects the screen of a connected device onto the wearer’s arm. It then monitors where you press, and recreates that movement as pressing a corresponding button. As Discover News points out, it isn’t that different from a projected keyboard.

The device, known as the “Cicret Bracelet,” runs its own modified version of Android, or it can be paired to a device using Bluetooth.

According to the device’s official website, the Cicret uses a picoprojector that projects the interface on your arm. Putting your finger on the interface stops one of the 8 long range proximity sensors. The Circet device itself is packed with technology, including: an accelerometer, a memory card, processor, rumble pack, micro USB port, a battery, the picoprojector, Bluetooth, and a WiFi component. It comes in two sizes, 16GB and 32GB, and there are 10 color options.

It will be a year or more before the Cicret is ready for retail release, and the company is currently seeking donations to help develop the device. It is currently seeking around $875K for the device, and another $375K to develop a separate app that allows users to anonymously and untraceably share and exchange data. The site claims that it is currently at 14-percent of its goal.

This isn’t like a standard crowdfunding project though. There are no rewards for donating, and if it doesn’t meet the goal, the company will likely turn to corporate funding. Once it has enough money to complete work on the prototype, the device is expected to sell for around $400.

Check out the video below to see the device in action. The tech still has a long way to go before it proves itself, but wearable tech may have just found its next appendage to target.



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