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We Happy Few Tips and Tricks to Send you to a Happier Place

We Happy Few Tips and Tricks to Send you to a Happier Place

If you’re looking for some We Happy Few tips and tricks to help you navigate Compulsion Games’ sprawling warped world, read on.

From the first moment it was teased, Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few has had people talking. The world depicted is unlike any other in gaming, and there have been more than a few comparisons to titles like BioShock. Whether or not that’s entirely fair is open to debate, but We Happy Few is an intriguing title – just check out some of the trailers if you need more proof of that.

Set in an alternative world where British citizens accept a drug-assisted life or risk living wild amongst desperate people, the story is definitely the main attraction. But once you get into it, you’ll find a massive and sprawling environment built around an open world. We Happy Few is a big, big game, and it’s easy to get lost in it.

With that in mind, we have some We Happy Few tips and tricks to help you get a jump on the game and prepare you for what’s ahead. If you have tips and tricks of your own you’d like to pass on, please let us know in the comments below!

Story – Uppers and Downers

We Happy Few Tips and Tricks to Send you to a Happier Place

Within the first few minutes of playing We Happy Few you’ll quickly get a sense that there is so much more going on than first meets the eye. You’ll begin by stepping into the shoes of Arthur, a newspaper censor trying to atone for a past action. He quickly finds himself unraveling the secrets of the dystopian, alt-history British town of Wellington Wells and surrounding areas.

The more you investigate, the more you begin to see the horror in the past of this alt-world, which features a Great Britain that lost the Second World War to the Germans (who are referred to as the German Empire rather than Nazis). The United States remained neutral, and much of Great Britain was reduced to rubble through countless bombing runs.

And at the heart of it all is a compromise made by the citizens of Wellington Wells, which led to the Germans leaving them alone but at a cost so high that the citizens elected – or were forced – to take a hallucinogenic drug that makes them forget and keeps them in a perpetual state of joy.

You learn all of this quickly, but the details and the history play out over several hours and across three characters. Don’t be surprised to spend 20-30 hours with We Happy Few, possibly more.

  • There is a secret ending to the game you can reach just minutes into your playthrough. When you first take control of Arthur and have the choice to take Joy or not, choose to take it and the game will quickly wrap up.
  • Speak to the NPCs to hear more about their view on the world and gain insight into their lives.
  • You’ll frequently pick up letters without the option to read them without going into the menus. Take some time to read everything in order to get the full story.
  • When you die, read the newspaper article you’ll see. It changes based on how you died.

Multiple Characters, Multiple Styles

We Happy Few Tips and Tricks to Send you to a Happier Place

Throughout We Happy Few, you’ll play as three separate characters. They each have their own motivations and stories, but all three intertwine and have a history with each other that is explored over the course of the game. They each have a mystery as well that is revealed over time.

The bulk of your time will be spent with Arthur, who bookends the game, but you’ll also play as the characters Sally and Ollie. Each character is designed to favor a certain style – Arthur is balanced, Sally is stealth-oriented, and Ollie is a little more combat-heavy. That isn’t to say that all three can’t do a little of everything, but they each have pros and cons. Try them out and find what works best for you.

  • If you meet one of the other characters while playing and you’re wondering about their history, don’t worry – you’ll almost certainly learn about it later.

Leveling Up – Choices, Choices, and More Choices

We Happy Few Tips and Tricks to Send you to a Happier Place

As you might expect of a game that takes dozens of hours to complete, you can upgrade your characters in We Happy Few. It’s presented as a traditional perk-purchase system, giving you the option to upgrade your character to fit your playstyle. To unlock perks you’ll need to use points, and perks have exponentially increasing costs. To earn points you’ll specifically need to complete missions, which might change the way you approach things.

Main quests will reward you with more points than side missions, but the only way to really expand a character it is to do both. That puts the focus on missions over traditional experience point progression, which also means you can skip most fights (unless you want to loot enemies). It’s a good way to push the game forward, and it means you don’t need to grind to earn points. You can ignore unnecessary combat if you like and just stick to the story.

  • The skills are meant to work for specific playstyles, but regardless of your style, you can’t go wrong with perks that make you move quietly, increase your health, and make crafting more efficient.
  • When you reach a new area, take some time to explore – it’s the best way to unlock missions.
  • If you are on a mission that requires you to be there in day or night and you need to wait, if you can’t find a bed, use a bench to kill some time.
  • If you are about to leave an area to go into a new region, take time to complete side missions first. You may have the chance to do them later, but it could be a long time and you’ll miss possible upgrades.


We Happy Few Tips and Tricks to Send you to a Happier Place

Wandering through the Wellington Wells region is an important part of We Happy Few. Through exploration, you’ll learn about the world, the people, and reveal quests that you won’t otherwise hear about. If you’re dedicated to just beating the game you can stick to the primary quests and you’ll probably be fine, even if you are missing out on perk points, but exploration is really the only way to understand why and how the world is the way it is.

When you enter a new area, jump to the map and look for the edges. It will be fogged over, so you’ll need to roam around to find the extent of the area. As you do, you’ll find missions, safe houses, and more. It might take a while to unfog everything, but it will be worth it and save time in the long run.

  • Look for smoke rising in the air to identify safe houses. Once you’ve unlocked those, you can fast travel around the map.
  • Listen to the people and their stories. Most will be fairly innocuous, but a few will tell you more about the world. 
  • When you find dig sites, immediately check your map, and if you have the time head for them right away. The dig sites offer top loot, and they help you unfog the map on the way.

Combat and Stealth, and the Art of Running Away

We Happy Few Tips and Tricks to Send you to a Happier Place

We Happy Few has a lot of enemies, many of which are more than powerful enough to quickly destroy you. And the less perks you have, the harder the fights will be. But when it comes to dealing with these enemies, you have a few choices.

The most obvious way is to engage them is combat. You can either use a weapon or attack with bare hands, but regardless, you should learn how to fight properly. Simply running in and attacking over and over is a losing strategy. You’ll run out of stamina, your weapon will break as they block, and you’ll eventually get pummeled. Instead, practice blocking and make sure you learn the patterns of enemies, then when they are vulnerable, attack.

But no matter how good you get at combat, you’ll still have to deal with weapon durability and stamina. The easier method to beat enemies is stealth attacks, but that has its own challenges too.

If you want to play We Happy Few using primarily a stealth method, you’ll need to move slowly and learn the patterns of enemies. Upgrading the stealth perks is also especially important, as there are abilities you need if you want to remain off the radar of enemies. Being able to do things like tracking footsteps is not just useful, it’s more or less vital. Even then, it can be tough, so take your time.

If all else fails, you can always run. Assuming you are in a relatively open area, just run for it, make sure you aren’t in their line of sight, and find somewhere to hide. You may need to wait a bit for them to stop searching, but you can almost always escape.

  • If you go to the menu, you can turn on the options to add visual cues to help you know how exposed you are.
  • When you start you should carry as many weapons as you can, but as your inventory fills, drop the heavier and weaker weapons.
  • You can use an unconscious enemy as a weapon – just knock them by choking them and keep the button pressed. Throw them when an enemy is near.
  • Each of the three characters has their pros and cons, so experiment to see what works best.
  • Throwing bottles to distract enemies is an excellent way to control a situation, but eventually they will go back to the same spot they were in if you don’t move quickly.

Safe Houses – Rest and Relaxation(ish)

We Happy Few Tips and Tricks to Send you to a Happier Place

Finding safe rooms in We Happy Few is an important piece of the game for several reasons. To begin with, safe houses are one of the few places in the game you can be sure you won’t be attacked. You can also dump off items you want to keep but don’t need to access immediately (and access them at any safe house), you can sleep, and fast travel.

To find safe houses, you’ll need to find hatches that lead down to them. You’ll come across many of these simply by playing, but there are several others that you’ll have to hunt for.

A few of the safe houses will be found in the ruins of former urban areas. To track these down, look for smoke from a chimney. This will often lead you to a small house surrounded by enemies – step on their turf and you’ll initiate a fight. Take them out if you like, but you can also distract them and sneak by, or head around the back of the building and look for a way to sneak in.

Once you’re in a safe house, it’s a good idea to sleep and regain vital stats – but be sure you have food and water once you wake up.

  • Don’t skip unlocking a safe house– there are plenty of advantages.
  • You can use the crafting stations in safe rooms right away, but upgrading them later in the game makes them much more useful.
  • Search the safe houses and look for any items – especially crafting blueprints.
  • If there’s an object you want to steal but it’s surrounded by enemies, if there’s a nearby safe house you can grab the item and escape to the safety of the room.


We Happy Few Tips and Tricks to Send you to a Happier Place

Clothing plays a big role in the way people treat you in We Happy Few, and it can mean the difference between people talking to you and trying to murder you. There are also outfits that are necessary to complete certain tasks and missions, so be prepared to swap clothing out as needed.

Clothing can be earned by progressing in the game, or it can be crafted. The weight of clothing may make it impractical to carry multiple types of clothes, but carrying the components might save some capacity. Then if you need a new type of suit quickly, just craft and equip. Most of the time you’ll have plenty of warning as to the clothing you’ll need though, so you’ll be able to plan accordingly.

  • If you accidentally unequip your clothes, expect just about everyone to distrust you and potentially attack you.
  • If you don’t have the right clothes and people see you, run for it and hide, just like if you were trespassing.
  • If there is a mission or goal that suggests you need a certain type of suit, believe the warning. You might be able to complete the goal without it, but you’ll probably end up in bad shape. 

General We Happy Few Tips and Tricks

We Happy Few Tips and Tricks to Send you to a Happier Place

  • Collecting craftable items can quickly fill up your inventory, so stick to materials that can be used to create healing items.
  • Going out at night makes it easier to use stealth, but more enemies are likely to attack you.
  • Keep checking your quest log – you may pick up a quest without realizing it.
  • Hiding in the tall yellow flowers can make you almost invisible, but enemies will sometimes walk right into you and then attack.
  • Don’t loot or steal anything in front of people – even something seemingly innocent like checking a mailbox can lead to the people turning on you.
  • If the citizens of an area want you dead because of a mistake you made (trespassing, stealing, etc.), just run and hide until they are done looking for you and you should be able to return.
  • Don’t wait for your stats like hunger and thirst to become critical – keep an eye on the menu and prepare accordingly.
  • Water pumps are scattered all over Wellington Wells, but you may need to get around some enemies to get to it. Be sure to fill up canteens at every opportunity.
  • Early in the game you’ll explore a military base – it is crawling with enemies, but there are many lootable items and weapons you can find that will make the game much easier.



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