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Chris Pratt fights Darth Vader in a sadly forgotten (and amazing) commercial

Watch as Chris Pratt fights Darth Vader in a clip that is timeless

A few years back, a commercial for Star Wars Kinect, Chris Pratt fights Darth Vader. It aired back in 2012, but it’s relevant again. And it’s awesome.

The video below is Chris Pratt fighting Darth Vader. What more do you need to know?

Ok, so a little bit of context for those people that like “facts” and “details” like a Commie.

The clip below is actually an ad for the 2012 game Star Wars Kinect. It turns out the clip is actually much better than the game, which was really bad. I reviewed it back when it came out and it made me die a little bit inside. At least it had great music though.

Back at the time, it was just an ad featuring that goofy guy from an NBC sitcom. Now, however, it is glorious. And props to the casting agents for seeing something in Pratt.

The ad features a still fat, pre-world famous Pratt during the height of his Parks and Rec days. Three years later and the clip is relevant again, for obvious reasons.

The Star Wars hype couldn’t be nay greater right now, shy of Disney using a giant laser to carve “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” into the moon.

And of course, there’s Chris Pratt, who went from something like the fifth billed player in an ensemble comedy to the odds on favorite to be the next Indiana Jones (assuming they don’t film a fifth movie with Harrison Ford) – and the fan favorite pick for just about every major reboot.

And he got kinda super ripped. If you never saw Pratt back before Guardians of the Galaxy and this is the first time you’ve seen him prior to that, you may wonder what the Hell happened. Hollywood happened, and now Pratt looks like he could suplex Vader.

So check it out.



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