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Want to see a killer whale smack the shit out of a seal? Of course you do

Want to see a killer whale smack the shit out of a seal? Of course you do

Ever wanted to see a killer whale smack a seal 80 feet in the air? If so, well that’s a little weird, but wish granted in this wacky video.

Sometimes nature can be absolutely unforgiving. The cycle of life can be vicious, with bigger animals frequently attacking smaller ones. It’s like a never ending presidential debate with teeth.

But sometimes in its brutality, nature can also be hilarious.

The video below was taken by Mike Walker, the owner of Roll Focus Productions, a whale-watching group based out of Victoria, British Columbia. Walker was recording when he captured a whale smacking a seal with its tail.

Walker was able to identify the whale as T69C, a male killer whale. T69C managed to get a hold of a harbor seal, and it smacked the absolute shit out of it, launching it 80 feet in the air.

Apparently, this hilarious brutality is fairly common. Maybe it’s a killer whale sport, and the seal is the unwitting ball. Or maybe the seal owed the whale money, and this is a common way to get it to pay up – assuming the seal actually survived, of course.

(The seal almost certainly didn’t, as this is a common whale hunting technique.)

“We do a ton of whale watching, but this is fairly rare. Brett Soberg — owner of Eagle Wing — mentioned to us that it’s only the fourth time he’s seen an orca do that in about 20 years,” Walker told HuffPo.

Roll Focus went on to state that the whale was born in 1995. The company can tell by the number of seal ears it wears around its neck on a string.

Check out the clip below and have a good laugh, you monster.



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