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The Walking Dead and its spinoff both have new, gore filled trailers

Walking Dead season 6 premiere and Fear the Dead trailer

AMC is slowly doing its best to completely desensitize audiences around the world to blood and gore. There could be entire dissertations written on how the FCC is cool with people’s skulls literally being ripped open on screen, but a female breast or an F-bomb is apparently a finable offense.

Seriously, The Walking Dead has seen people dismembered on screen, with graphic amputations being just another episode, but if two characters have sex the show needs to be exceptionally careful, because god forbid a nipple accidentally makes it onto the screen, since that could apparently warp the minds of the wee little children or some shit-

But I digress.

Anyway, AMC was all over Comic-Con this year with not one, but two zombie series to talk about. The network’s flagship zombie show, The Walking Dead was given a new trailer and a release date, as was its new spinoff, Fear the Dead. And both are filled with plenty of completely appropriate horror, and thankfully not a single testicle or breast.

The Walking Dead will return on October 11 with a 90-minute special, and it will pick up right where the fifth season ended. Rick and his crew will continue their time in Alexandria, but war is coming.

Check out the trailer below and read on for more.

While that trailer and news are cool, the bigger deal was the look at the new show.

Fear the Walking Dead will take place in Southern California, and begin during the initial days of the zombie outbreak. It will then track a group of survivors that presumably get along really well and manage to find a completely safe environment to hang out and relax until it all blows over.

Or, more likely, it will focus on horrible people doing horrible things to each other while zombies eat them.

Check out the trailer for the spinoff, which will premiere on August 23. AMC is so encouraged by the show that it already ordered two full seasons, neither of which will likely be happy.

According to Variety, there will also be a new episode of Talking Dead following the August premiere.



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