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Valve Bans a Record Number of Cheaters

Valve Bans a Record Number of Cheaters

Following its Steam Summer Sale 2017, Valve bans over 40,000 “cheating accounts,” along with an additional 5,000 more from in-game reporting.

Valve has had it with your crap.

If you’ve played any competitive multiplayer in the last… well, ever, then you’ve probably come across someone that cheats – actually cheats, not just exploits a game and does something many would consider cheap. It’s more common on PC games than consoles, but even there you’ll find some games that have been cracked open and messed with. Need proof of that? Fire up your Xbox 360 and jump into Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. You’ll understand the first time you see someone jump straight up and out of the map, or the constant stream of advertisements found in the game status reports.

Cheating on Steam is a major issue, so much so that the Valve Anti-Cheating (VAC) banhammer tends crush between 3,000-4,000 accounts per day. Those players can lose access to games, even have their accounts banned. That has created something of a loophole, however, as more and more people have begun to create anonymous accounts specifically to cheat in games. This happens frequently, especially after major Steam sales.

Following the Steam Summer Sale 2017, which concluded on July 5, Valve went to work banning what it calls “cheating accounts.” In total, it found and banned 40,411 of these accounts. This smashes the previous single day ban record from October 2016, which used to be a paltry 15,227.

During its horror movie like purge, Valve also banned 4,972 accounts due to in-game reports. Adding up all the microtransactions completed by the banned accounts, a tracking site called Vac-Ban found that $9,580 worth of purchases were lost due to these bans.

Cheating in games like Dota2 and Counter-Strike has become a major issue. For some, it brings people together as they express their hatred of the cheaters. For others, it is enough to make them quit. So for those players, swing on Steam banhammer, swing on.




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