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Unknown man in go-kart chased by unknown cop because WTF?

Unknown man in go-kart chased by unknown cop because WTF?

A strange video shows a go-kart chased by a police SUV in Oakland, CA. That’s weird enough, but to add to that, no one identified the cop either.

Police chases in California are more or less a sport at this point, but every once in a while one stands out in its glorious what the fuckness.

A freeway chase was recently caught on on Sunday, July 3, 2016, that was caught on video in Oakland, CA, home of the Golden State Warriors and the last vestiges of affordable rent in the Bay Area (barely). Police chases aren’t any more unusual there than they are most places, but two things made it somewhat unusual. The first is that it was a go-kart being chased by a police car. That’s odd enough in its own right, but the second part is that no one knows who was involved. Not only did the go-kart driver apparently get away without being identified, no one knows who the cop was either.

So yeah, a guy in a super-powered go-kart outran a cop that either didn’t want to come forward or was actually someone pretending to be a cop. The SUV looks very much legit, but Alameda County Sheriff and the Oakland Police Department both confirmed that the SUV wasn’t one of theirs. Just another day in Oakland, I guess.

One theory is that the go-kart was part of a local meet up for go-kart enthusiasts. Another theory is that Mario Kart came to life and just got weird.

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