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UFO flies by volcano, people lose minds

UFO flies by volcano

Sometimes when we report on the paranormal, it’s because we found something that is compelling, cool, or genuinely mysterious. I’m not sure where exactly this video falls, but it’s definitely weird.

The clip below shows Mexico’s Colima volcano erupting. There’s nothing especially unusual about that; the volcano is considered one of the most active in Central America. It has erupted more than 40 times since the 16th century, so there’s nothing particularly strange it that.

The cigar shaped UFO flying past as the volcano erupts, however, has people freaking out.

At first glance it looks like a plane flying by at exactly the right moment to give its passengers a hell of a show. It’s moving too fast though. You can also rule out debris from the eruption given its trajectory.

Naturally, it has people losing their minds.

According to some, it is an alien craft that may actually be responsible for the eruption. Other theories are that the ship was dropping off or picking someone – or something – from deep inside the Earth, possibly under the volcano.

Cigar-shaped UFOs are all the rage at the moment, replacing the saucers and triangles of old. Coincidentally, airplanes are cigar-shaped, but that’s probably got nothing to do with all the recent sightings. Nothing at all.

There’s also some controversy regarding the distance of the UFO. To me it looks like the UFO is fairly far removed, but many see it as flying much closer to the lava plume, possibly even through it.

Check it out below and watch the skies. Always watch the skies…



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