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Two robots fighting with katana blades, because science!

Two robots fighting

Science seems to be doing its absolute best to ensure that the human race is doomed. If you need proof of that, check out two robots sword fighting.

ABB Group, a multinational corporation headquartered in Switzerland that specializes in robotics, has taken the first step towards damning humanity to a world ruled by sword wielding robots. In the video below, two robotic arms – the kind you might find on a manufacturing line – duel. For science and stuff.

There’s probably a very scientific reason for setting all of this up. Maybe the company wanted to test the calibration of the arms as they undergo difficult moves that require fine motor skills. Maybe ABB wanted to prepare for a zombie apocalypse by creating an even worse potential menace. Maybe the employees got tired of playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who did the dishes.

But hey, who cares? It’s robots fighting with swords.

ABB is a Fortune 500 company, and the dueling robots come from a recent exhibition. The katana wielding robotic arms were the show stopper, but ABB displayed several other uses for the technology as well. The arms played a game of snooker, and others balanced several aluminum cans in a manner similar to what a waiter that lost their balance might come across.

If you can put aside the spine chilling realization that ABB has created our possible doom, the tech is impressive. The two robotic arms are able to move and rotate with incredible precision. The movable joints will likely help to advance the manufacturing industry. Or something.

It’s hard to justify the science of giving two robots swords, but it’s still a very cool example of what robots are capable of. Granted, it’s no giant mechs that can shoot 120 mph paintballs while beating the crap out of each other, but it’s a step forward nonetheless.



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