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Two men with jetpacks chase a passenger jet, because the future is awesome

Two men with jetpacks chase a passenger jet because the future is awesome

Test pilots Yves Rossey and his Vince Reffet return with a video showing the two men in jetpacks chase a passenger jet over the skies of Dubai.

The future is here! Well, the future is here if you live in Dubai, have millions of dollars, and happen to be a Swiss test pilot named Yves Rossey. Other than that…

Ok, so the future may not exactly be here, but it is coming, as evidenced by real-life jetpacks. Granted, the two guys in jetpacks – Rossey and Vince Reffet – probably aren’t going to be fighting Nazis or stopping crimes anytime soon, but it’s still pretty damn impressive to see them chase down a jumbo jet.

The jetpacks are still prohibitively expensive and probably stupidly dangerous for even well trained pilots, but they are cool, and they kind of look like Falcon’s gear from Captain America: Winter Soldier, just bigger and less able to fight Hydra. It’s still just a prototype though.

On a side note, imagine being on the jet and not knowing what was coming. It might be a little bit like that episode of The Twilight Zone, where a young, pre-Kirk Shatner keeps seeing a gremlin on the wing of a plane but no one believes him.

That probably wasn’t the case given that the entire clip was heavily choreographed and staged by Jetman Dubai and Emirates, but still.

Rossey has been testing the jetpack as part of Jetman Dubai for the last few years now, and he recently took on Reffet as a protégée. The two have been whizzing over the skies of Dubai since. The clip below is just the most recent, but it may also be the most impressive. Check it out below and judge for yourself.

By the way, if you’re curious about the music, it is an original soundtrack named “Flight,” by Erik Groysman. And if you weren’t interested… well, the more you know, I guess.



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