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News and rumors on all 67 TV shows based on comics in the works

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Although comic based films are huge right now, it should come as no surprise to hear that we are in the midst of a golden age for live action comic adaptations on TV as well. From Marvel to DC to Dark Horse and more, there are several TV shows based on comics on the air, and many, many, many more in development.

Some will make it on air, some won’t, but they are fast becoming the new Golden Goose for Hollywood. If you aren’t a fan, then the next few years may be rough on your TV watching habits.

When it comes to developing properties based on comics, superheroes are still the property du jour, but they aren’t alone – you don’t have to look any further than the jaw-dropping success of AMC’s The Walking Dead, which is absolutely shattering records for cable TV viewership. Film and TV studios are mining the comic industry for the next big thing, and if you thought there were a lot of TV shows based on comics already out there, you just wait.

This post is specifically dedicated to live action TV shows based on comics (as opposed to animated, of which there are also bunches on the way). We split the shows into two categories: those actually in production – meaning that they are either on air now or will be soon – and those in some stage of development.

This list is going to change frequently. Properties can stay in development for years, be forgotten about, then something changes and suddenly they are being pushed forward again. The opposite is also true. Sometimes Hollywood buys properties just so no one else has them.

We will continue to update this list with the big news from each show, and we’ll add to it when new TV shows based on comics are announced. This list started at around 35 shows. It has grown. It has grown so, so much.

If you have any hints for us, if you know of any news we missed, please let us know in the comments below!

Originally posted: 1/15/15

Last updated: 4/4/17

Ted shows based on comics on the air or filming

DC Comics


(CW Network – Season 5 debuted on October 5, 2016)

TV shows based on comics

Arrow is now in its fifth season on CW, and it is one of the network’s most popular – and defining – properties.

The show is not just a hit, it has become a vehicle for CW to explore and launch other comic book TV shows. We’ve already seen that with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. There was even briefly talk of a Suicide Squad spinoff, but the Warner Bros. film put an end to that. The network also launched the animated series Vixen set in the same universe.

In the 23-episode fifth season continues to explore Oliver’s growth into the role of Green Arrow while also concluding the flashbacks of Oliver’s time away. The flashbacks will – at least at first – focus on his time in Russia working with Bravta, a part of the Russian mafia.  It has also become a platform to introduce a new team culled for DC comics, including the characters Ragman, Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific, and  Artemis. As with the previous seasons, the show will also continue to introduce new superheroes and villains in recurring roles.

Arrow News and rumors

  • Arrow and The Flash will have at least one crossover episode each year.
  • Although Arrow and The Flash have the blessing of DC to grow and expand, Gotham and Metropolis are off limits.
  • There were rumors floating around that John Diggle may at some point become the Green Lantern John Stewart. The show’s producers have since squashed that rumor completely, claiming that Diggle is Diggle, and DC has plans for Stewart anyway.
  • There were plans to bring Harley Quinn into the show, but that changed with her inclusion in the Suicide Squad film.
  • The character of Roy Harper will return, but only as a guest star. According to the showrunners, that was always the plan, and Harper may appear in all three DC/CW shows.
  • John Barrowman will leave the confines of Arrow and appear as a regular on all the CW/DC shows, including Supergirl. 
  • Matt Ryan, who played Constantine, may also be offered a contract as a regular, appearing on all four shows. It will depend on how the repeats of Constantine do on the CW Seed.
  • The events of Flash’s time altering also affect on Arrow. Some of the changes will be subtle, and some will take a while to be revealed.
  • The fifth season flashbacks will end with the scene from the first episode showing his escape from Lian Yu.
  • Talia al Ghul will appear in season five.
  • The showrunners have confirmed that Arrow will always have a Black Canary, even if the person using that name changes.
  • The CW has renewed Arrow for a sixth season.
  • Although Oliver Queen’s flashbacks have concluded, the show may continue the practice with flashforwards, or flashbacks of other characters.
  • We may not see the identity of Vigilante until next season.

Black Lightning

(The CW)

comic tv shows

Greg Berlanti, Mara Brock Akil, and her husband Salim Akil are preparing a new series based on the character of Black Lightning. The trio pitched the show to multiple networks, with Fox coming up as the winner. Given that the show is still in the very early stages it might make sense to put this entry in the next section covering shows still just in an early stage of development, but Berlanti’s name carries a lot of weight in TV circles. Throw in Hollywood’s current craze for developing comic properties (as evidenced by this list) and it’s no surprise that Fox grabbed it.

Given the nature of the TV industry, it’s also no surprise that the network passed. Given Berlanti’s situation, it’s also not surprising that the CW jumped in to pick it up.

The story will follow Jefferson Pierce, a former hero that decided to give up superheroics in order to raise a family. When his daughter begins to take after his heroic tendencies and gangs start to threaten local students, Pierce is drawn back into the world of vigilantism. In the comics, Pierce has two children. they both go on to be heroes in their own right. The TV show seems to be borrowing from that, but also going in its own direction.

Black Lightning news and rumors

  • The show has quietly been in development for more than a year.
  • Fox ordered a pilot in September but it was never filmed.
  • The CW has ordered a pilot. If it is picked up, the show would likely air during periods that the other CW superhero shows were on hiatus (like summer) to avoid watering down the genre even more than it already by having five straight nights of superhero programs.
  • Cress Williams has been cast as the lead.
  • Nafessa Williams and China Anne McClain have been cast as daughters as Anissa and Jennifer.
  • It’s still unclear whether or not Black Lightning will be part of the CW/DC universe, but it would be surprising if it isn’t.

The Flash

(CW Network – Season 3 debuted on October 4, 2016)

TV shows based on comics

Although it began as a spinoff of Arrow, The Flash is quickly carving out its own niche in the DC live action TV universe, focusing more on the sci-fi aspect than crime fighting. And it’s working; the show is a hit for CW.

Like ArrowThe Flash could also become the home for several other DC characters that may either join the cast or spin-off into their own shows. The show is honoring the comics, but it isn’t beholden to them. Characters like Jay Garrick – the Golden Age Flash – have been introduced, but they aren’t exact replicas of their comic counterparts. Instead, the characters tend to be loosely connected.

The third season will focus on the effects of Barry’s time travel, in a loose adaptation of the “Flashpoint” storyline from the comics that reset the DC timeline. This will lead to significant changes, although maybe not permanent ones.

The Flash news and rumors

  • As noted above, The Flash and the Arrow will have at least one crossover episode each year, and the characters may appear in each other’s show as the story dictates.
  • Like ArrowThe Flash has been forbidden from mentioning Gotham and Metropolis.
  • There will be crossovers between the established CW shows and the incoming Supergirl.
  • Reverse Flash will return, although he is primarily set to appear on Legends of Tomorrow.
  • John Wesley Shipp has been confirmed as a CW/DC series regular, along with John Barrowman and Wentworth Miller. That means he will appear on multiple CW/DC shows. He will play Jay Garrick (and possibly, occasionally Henry Allen).
  • The season’s big bad will be Savitar, another speedster taken from the comics.
  • Kevin Smith will return to direct at least one new episode in season three.
  • The Flash is officially the CW’s highest rated show.
  • The CW has renewed The Flash for a fourth season.
  • The next season’s big bad will not be a speedster.


(FOX – Season three debuted on September 19, 2016)

TV Shows based on comics

Gotham dips deep into the Batman well, but given the limitations of the show being a prequel, there is only so much it can do without abandoning all pretense of that. As it stands, it’s really more of an Elseworlds story with Bruce Wayne as a supporting character.

The show has already significantly altered Batman’s origins and continues to do so all the time. That has divided a lot of Batman fans, but enough have stuck with it to make the show a hit. If you are one of the people that are turned off by the alteration of Batman’s storyline though, it isn’t going to get any better for you. Gotham has already introduced the Red Hood, Scarecrow, Riddler, Hugo strange, and more.

Gotham news and rumors

  • Showrunner Bruno Heller said we may see costumed villains at some point, but it will be subtle and could be years out.
  • Batman will appear in the last shot of the last scene of the series finale.
  • In season three, Penguin will begin to come into his own.
  • The season three subtitle is “Heroes Will Fall.”
  • The Court of Owls will play a major part in the new season.
  • Bruce Wayne will begin to take the steps to become Batman.
  • Edward Nygma isn’t yet the Riddler, but he is on the path to becoming him and will embrace the role during the third season.
  • Alexander Siddig has been cast as Ra’s al Ghul in a recurring role.
  • The appearance of Ra’s al Ghul also ends the question of whether or not Gotham might be in either the film or CW DC universes.
  • Gotham has not yet been renewed for season four. It still may be, but it is a little odd that Fox has renewed several other shows already but not this one.


(SyFy Channel – TBA)

TV shows based on comics

SyFy Channel is currently working on an adaptation of Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s mini-series turned graphic novel, Happy.

Christopher Meloni has been cast as Nick Sax, a corrupt cop turned broken down hit man awash in a sea of drugs and alcohol. When a hit goes wrong, Sax winds up shot, running from the cops and a killer in a Santa suit. Things look bleak until a tiny, imaginary blue winged horse filled with undying optimism appears.

Meloni will also act as executive producer, along with Morrison and Brian Taylor, who will also write the pilot.

Happy! News and rumors

  • A release date hasn’t been announced yet, but with the production moving forward and a star attached, mid-to-late 2017 seems likely.


(SyFy Channel – TBA)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

After more than a year in limbo, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman writer David S. Goyer’s Krypton has received an order for a pilot courtesy of the SyFy channel.

Krypton is a Superman prequel, depicting life on the doomed planet of Krypton decades before the planet died. The series would follow Superman’s grandfather roughly 200 years prior to Superman’s debut on Earth, so don’t expect to see Kal-El (although it is a superhero sci-fi show, so don’t rule out time travel).

Sleepy Hollow’s Damien Kindler is attached as the showrunner. Kindler and Goyer are writing the script.

Krypton news and rumors

  • Goyer did state that he’d like the show to connect to Man of Steel, but that was just a hope. It would be incredibly complicated to make that happen given the growing DC film mythology.
  • Zod’s family will play a huge role in the show.
  • The show has been described as Romeo and Juliet on Kypton.
  • Relative unknown Cameron Cuffe has been cast in the lead as Seg-El.
  • Game of Thrones Ian McElhinney has been cast as Van-El, a rogue genius fighting to save Krypton from itself.

Legends of Tomorrow

(CW Network – Season two debuts October 14, 2016)

TV shows based on comics

The show, which is officially titled DC’s Legends of Tomorrow or just Legends of Tomorrow, stars characters previously established in guest starring stints on Arrow and/or Flash, including: Brandon Routh as the Atom, Victor Garber as Dr. Martin Stein, Dominic Purcell as Heatwave, and Caity Lotz as “White” Canary. The second season introduces a few others, along with plenty of well-known guest stars from the other CW shows and DC comics, including members of the Justice Society of America.

The first season focused on the team as it jumped around in history, looking for a way to stop Vandal Savage from conquering the Earth, and to save Hunter’s wife and child from death at Savage’s hands. That story concluded, so don’t expect to see Vandal Savage return (at least not as the primary antagonist). The first season also saw the fall of the Time Masters, which sets the team up as the de facto protectors of time.

Legends will continue to jump around in time and feature many different DC characters, and it will crossover with the other three CW shows. The second season will also introduce the first supervillain team to the CW/DC universe, and Nick Zano joins the show as Dr. Nate Heywood. In the comics, the character is the grandson of the one-time Justice League member Commander Steel, and Heywood eventually becomes the superhero, Citizen Steel.

Legends of Tomorrow news and rumors

  • The show is rumored to be so expensive to make that it was in trouble before it even aired. Legends is enough of a hit to continue on, but there have been plenty of cost-cutting measures, including an unusual number of battles in bland looking warehouses.
  • Several DC characters have already appeared from multiple eras in the DC timeline, including: Jonah Hex, Connor Hawke, Valentina Vostok, and Talia al Ghul. Sgt. Rock and Hourman also appeared.
  • Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold will not be a series regular in season two, but he will frequently appear in the other DC/CW shows.
  • The second season will heavily feature the Justice Society.
  • Falk Hentschel (Hawkman) and Ciarra Renee (Hawkgirl) will not return as series regulars. They may show up as guest stars or as recurring characters, but their story is essentially complete.
  • The character of Vixen isn’t played by Megan Echikunwoke (who portrayed her in Arrow). The show will explain this as a consequence of time travel shenanigans, but the truth is that Echikunwoke is unavailable.
  • Ratings have improved significantly between season one and two.
  • Legends has been renewed for a third season.


(NBC – Season Two debut on February 2, 2017)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

This show holds the distinction of being one of the only comic book TV shows on this list that is not actually based on a specific comic. Powerless will focus on an insurance company operating within the DC universe, following average humans in a superpowered world. The original new series was pitched as a comedy similar in tone and look to The Office, with half-hour episodes.

Powerless was developed by Ben Queen (A to Z, Cars 2) and Warner Bros., so it will have access to DC characters – although probably not the A-listers. It’s unclear if it will be set in one of the already established DC live-action universes (Arrowverse, Man of Steel, etc), but given that it is NBC, don’t count on it.

Soon after the announcement that Powerless was in development, ABC ordered a pilot for a similar comedy set in the Marvel universe, known as Damage Control. 

Just a few weeks before filming was set to begin, Queen left the show. It was officially reported that he and NBC were having “creative differences” and the split was mutual, but the end result is that the show has been temporarily delayed as NBC looks for a new showrunner. The show stars Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, and Christina Kirk.

Powerless news and rumors

  • The company featured in the show will be a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises.
  • Adam West will appear at some point.
  • The ratings have not been great, but NBC seems to be sticking with the show for now.


(CW – Season two debuted on October 10, 2016)

TV shows based on comics

Supergirl follows the adventures of Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El. The story rewrote the character’s origins, but only slightly. She remains Kal-El’s cousin and was raised by the Danvers family, but the rest is unique to the show version. The role of Kara is played by Glee and Whiplash’s Melissa Benoist.

The show takes place in a world where Superman is already very much established. That means you can expect to see existing Superman enemies, and even Superman himself. Supergirl is being co-developed by Greg Berlanti, one of the people behind CW’s Arrow and The Flash. The Supergirl universe exists in its own bubble, but the crossover with The Flash confirmed that her world is part of the DC multiverse introduced on The Flash. That opens the door for more crossovers in the future.

After lengthy deliberations, Supergirl will return for a second season, but is now on CW. The show is also expected to leave Los Angeles and film in Vancouver, BC as a cost cutting measure. There will be other changes made based around the budget as well, including the departure of Calista Flockhart (who is LA-based and wasn’t willing/able to move to Vancouver full time).

Despite the change to the network of Arrow and The Flash, Supergirl will not exist in the same universe. We will see more crossovers in the future though.

Supergirl news and rumors

  • Supergirl will appear on multiple CW/DC shows.
  • Superman appeared in the two-part season two opener, played by Tyler Hoechlin. He may return, but this is very much Supergirl’s show.
  • Former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter appears as the President of the United States.
  • Batwoman, aka Katherine Kane, will appear as a recurring character.
  • Oracle/Barbara Gordon may also appear, but in a minor role. She will become a friend to Kara.
  • Batwoman and Oracle will comprise a modified version of the Birds of Prey.
  • The CW has renewed Supergirl for a third season.
  • There have been rumors of a Superman spinoff series. The CW has confirmed that there are no plans for one at the moment. If they do decide to produce one, they will probably have to get approval from WB, which is easier said than done.

DC Imprints (Including Vertigo)


(CW Network – Season three debuted on April 3, 2017)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

The CW’s iZombie comes from the DC imprint line, Vertigo, and it follows a zombie working in a morgue who eats brains to survive. As a side effect, she gains their memories and some of their personality – for better and worse. She then goes and solves homicides based on those memories. It is a departure from the comic, which explored the nature of the soul and what it meant to be alive, but it works.

The show is the creation of Party Down and Veronica Mars’ Rob Thomas, and the same mix of comedy and drama, peppered with sharp dialogue and pop culture commentary are present in iZombie. Because of that connection, don’t be surprised to see several familiar faces from Thomas’ previous shows make appearances.

The third season has been ordered, but an air date and episode order hasn’t been announced.

iZombie news and rumors

  • The second season finale set the stage for the third season.
  • The third season will set up a potential war among zombies.
  • Veronica Mars’ Jason Dohring will appear in multiple episodes, possibly as a major bad guy.
  • Liv’s one-time love interest, the undercover cop turned zombie, will return. It’s not clear how.
  • Season three consists of 13 episodes.
  • Major will join Liv in eating brains and solving crimes in season three.
  • The “Max Rager” storyline has concluded.
  • There is no “big bad” for season three, but rather a few central themes.


(FOX – Season two debuted on September 19, 2016)

Fox's Lucifer

Lucifer comes from Tom Kapinos, the creator and producer of Californication, and it is loosely -very loosely – based on the comic character of Lucifer debuted in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, the first fallen angel and lord of Hell, who eventually spun off into his own series. After abdicating his throne, Lucifer became a celestial wildcard of sorts, following his own plans while casually stomping through those of others. The show takes a different route.

In the show, Lucifer helps the LAPD solve crimes and punish the guilty. It is essentially a supernatural procedural show, closer to CSI than the original comic. There are a few hints at the comic, and there is a greater, supernatural story arc, but the week to week is a procedural.

Tom Ellis (Miranda, Once Upon a Time) stars as Lucifer, and Lina Esco (Kane, Free the Nipple) is Lucifer’s lone friend and follower after he leaves Hell. The character is named Maze, which is a reference to the comic character Mazikeen. Lauren German (Chicago Fire, Hawaii Five-O) stars as Detective Chloe Dance, Lucifer’s crime fighting partner. Dance has the ability to make Lucifer human, although no one knows why.

Lucifer news and rumors

  • The show focuses far more on the human characters than those from the original comics.
  • God will be introduced at some point soon.
  • There is a chance – a slim chance – the character of Constantine may appear. Matt Ryan may appear, or Fox may select another actor. If it happens at all.
  • Fox has renewed Lucifer for a third season.
  • The final four episodes of season two will be held back and will instead launch season three. This is due to scheduling concerns from Fox, not a reflection of the show.
  • The third season will consist of 22 production episodes. The additional four episodes from season two will be added to those, making for a 26-episode run.


(AMC – Season Two debuts on June 25, 2017)

TV shows based on comics

After years of bouncing around both TV networks and Hollywood studios, the Vertigo comic Preacher is finally in production. The series is being developed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and AMC liked the pilot enough to order a full 10-episode season.

In the comics, the story follows a burnout preacher in Texas who accidentally gains a power comparable to the word of God. He decides to use this power to track down the absentee Lord Almighty and find out why he abandoned his creation. The series will stray from that a bit. To begin with, the pilot will start with an incident where all the religious leaders in the world die.

Ruth Negga (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Warcraft) is Tulip, Joe Gilgun (Misfits, This is England) landed the role of Cassidy, and Dominic Cooper (Agent Carter, Need for Speed) is Jesse Custer.

Preacher news and rumors

  • The comic begins shortly after Custer receives the power of Genesis, but the show seems to begin much earlier.
  • The ratings have been respectable, but not amazing. It is, however, the second highest rated new cable show in  the coveted 18-49, and 25-54 demographics.
  • Preacher has been renewed for a second season. When it returns in 2017, the show will increase to 13 episodes.
  • At least part of season two will take place in New Orleans. The city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana both played a major role in the comic.
  • A new teaser for season two has been released.
  • The second season release date has been announced.


(WGN America – TBA)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

Although WGN America has been around for decades, it’s moving more and more into creating new, live-action fictional series. The network is taking its time and creating shows that are quality. It recently introduced the series Salem and Manhattan, and it has several more on the way. One of those in development is the gritty Vertigo crime series, Scalped.

The comic follows a Native American undercover FBI agent, who reluctantly returns to the reservation he grew up on to uncover corruption. Things quickly become complicated, and the agent is trapped by his past.

The show is being developed by Doug Jung (Banshee, the third Star Trek film), and DC Entertainment Creative Chief Geoff Johns will act as executive producer. A pilot was officially ordered on March 7, 2016, and casting is underway.

Scalped news and rumors

  • WGN is looking for an all-Native American cast (at least for the leads).

Y: The Last Man

(FX – TBA)

Details on all TV shows based on comics in development

Y: The Last Man was looking more and more like it would never leave the dreaded realm of Hollywood limbo, but as projects tend to do, it is moving forward again, quickly. It now has a showrunner and the support of both the studio and the comics’ creator.

Y: The Last Man was originally in development at New Line Cinema as a feature film. At one point it seemed like it had some potential, but it stagnated and fell into a limbo. The rights to the property recently reverted to its creator, author Brian K. Vaughn, who found a willing and enthusiastic partner in FX.

The story begins when a plague seemingly wipes out every mammal on Earth with a Y chromosome, with the exception of escape artist Yorrick Brown and his capuchin monkey, Ampersand. Society collapses, and Yorrick must make his way across the country to a lab in San Francisco, where he can be studied in an attempt to save the human race. He is joined by a guide and bodyguard, Agent 355 of the Culper Ring. The series ran for 60 issues and is frequently listed as one of the best series of the last several years.

The project is being developed by Vaughn, along with Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson.The project is still in the very early stages, but FX could be looking to ape AMC’s success with one of the most awards-laden comics from the last few decades. Michael Green, who is currently helping to bring American Gods to life with Bryan Fuller, has been tapped as showrunner.

Y: The Last Man news and rumors

  • Vaughn will write for the show.
  • The show likely gained momentum thanks to Jacobson and Simpson’s recent success for FX with The People vs O.J. Simpson, which the duo oversaw.
  • The show will be designed as an ongoing series rather than a limited series.


Wynonna Earp 

(SyFy – Season Two Debuts on June 9, 2017)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

The SyFy Channel in partnership with Canada’s SEVEN24 Films commissioned a 13-episode first season of Wynonna Earp, based on the Image and IDW comic of the same name created by Beau Smith. The comic follows the present-day descendant of Wyatt Earp, a top agent for a special branch of the US Marshalls known as the Monster Squad. She and her colleagues battle supernatural monsters. The TV show is changing things up a bit.

The show stars Melanie Scrofano as Earp. After years spent in and out of jail and on the run from the law, she returns home. When she becomes the town’s only hope to defeat the supernatural enemies threatening her home, she has to choose her side.

Emily Andras of Lost Girl fame acts as the showrunner. And as with her previous show, there will be plenty of sex.

  • SyFy has renewed Wynonna Earp for a second season of 12 episodes.
  • There have been rumors of a crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That won’t happen anytime soon, but showrunner Emily Andras has spoken with Joss Whedon about it, and there is a small chance it could lead to something.
  • Season two was originally scheduled to return in March 2017, but it has since been held back until June.
  • Wynonna Earp won the E! News TV Scoop award for Best New Series of 2016.
  • The second season will place an emphasis on the team.


Fear The Walking Dead

(AMC – Season Three debuts on June 4, 2017)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

The Walking Dead is an absolute beast, so it’s no surprise that AMC ordered a spin-off. Franchise creator Robert Kirkman obliged, creating a new group of characters based in Southern California, set it in the same universe.

Even before AMC released the official name of the show, it confirmed that it committed to two seasons of the show. The ratings for the first episode set cable records. The subsequent episodes dipped in numbers, but remain strong.The second season remains strong in ratings, although it isn’t close to The Walking Dead in terms of viewers.

Fear the Walking Dead news and rumors

  • Although it will begin as a prequel, Fear the Walking Dead will eventually catch up with The Walking Dead. The two shows will remain separate, but there may be some story crossover in the future.
  • The talk show Talking Dead will continue, but it will switch focus to Fear the Walking Dead.
  • As it did between season one and two, there is a webseries featuring on a side story. The new one is titled “Passage.”
  • A third season of Fear the Walking Dead will consist of 16 episodes broken into two blocks of eight.
  • The first block will run for six weeks, with the first week and the last week of the run offering back-to-back episodes.
  • Fear the Walking Dead showrunner, David Erickson, is leaving the show after the third season. He will remain with AMC and develop other shows.


(Cinemax – Season Two debuts in Spring 2017)

TV shows based on comics

Yet another Robert Kirkman heads to the TV, as a cable network – this time a pay network – sees a chance to try to mimic AMC’s success with Kirkman’s work.

This show went from “development” to “production,” and then a full 10-episode season. The comic stars a young man that has been possessed on and off since he was a child. Now as an adult, he sets out to find answers, but doing so may lead to the end of the world. It stars Gone Girl’s  Patrick Fugit and Philip Glenister (Life on Mars).

Outcast news and rumors

  • Even before the premiere, the Cinemax has already approved a second season.
  • The complete season one numbers haven’t been released yet, but the show is being considered a hit, domestically and internationally.
  • Season two casting is underway, and at least three new cast members have been added.
  • Season two will debut in the UK in April. No word yet on the US release.

The Walking Dead

(AMC – Season Eight debuts in October 2017)

A complete list of all TV shows based on comics on the way

The Walking Dead has become one of the biggest hits on cable TV. Loosely based on the comic by Robert Kirkman, the post-apocalyptic zombie survival show pits humans against zombies to a degree, but mostly against other humans. It is a huge hit, and the showrunners have said they have enough ideas to carry The Walking Dead though as far as season 12.

Although ratings have dropped a bit overall, the sixth season finale was the most watched show on TV for the night it aired. The seventh season premiere was the second most watched episode in the show’s history, with 17 million tuning in live. The season seven finale was still highly watched, but it was the lowest Walking Dead finale in five seasons.

The Walking Dead news and rumors

  • The show loosely follows the comics, and it recently touched on the comic’s 100th episode that kicked off the lengthy storyline involving a war between some of the surviving communities.
  • The recap show, Talking Dead, has also been renewed.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants the TV version of Negan to be as close to the comics version as possible – that includes language, something that will be difficult for a non-premium network.
  • Morgan has joined the cast as a regular for season seven.
  • The seventh season is being seen by many involved in the show as a reset of sorts. The story from this point on will be a departure from what came before as Negan looms large.
  • The comic and the series may end at the same time.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

(ABC – Season four debuted September 20, 2016)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

Marvel Studio’s first major foray into the television landscape hit a few bumps when it first aired. The pilot premiered to huge numbers, but the season-long plot was slow to build. Dwindling ratings – paired with the huge price tag for each episode – made success anything but certain. Then Captain America: The Winter Soldier dropped, and the entire story of Agents of SHIELD changed for the better.

The second season found its groove much sooner. It introduced the Inhumans, saw the origin story of Skye/Daisy as she became Quake, and brought parts of SHIELD back together. New characters were introduced, and the story continued to expand the Marvel cinematic universe.

The third season continued the story of the Inhumas, as well as introducing The Secret Warriors. The fourth continues that storyline, but with a few major shakeups, including the introduction of Ghost Rider, and the supernatural world of Marvel Comics.

Agents of SHIELD was meant to be one of three Marvel shows on ABC, but it now stands alone. Agent Carter has been canceled, and the proposed spinoff, Marvel’s Most Wanted, was killed before a pilot was shot.

Agents of SHIELD news and rumors

  • There is a chance we may see other established Marvel TV characters – including those from Netflix – appear on Agents of SHIELD. If it happens, it won’t be for a long time though.
  • Actress Chloe Bennet (Daisy Johnson/Quake) has voiced her anger towards Marvel in terms of how they see Agents of SHIELD fitting in the overall MCU. “The Marvel Cinematic Universe loves to pretend that everything is connected, but then they don’t acknowledge our show at all,” she told the Wizard World crowd. “So, I would love to do [appear in character in the film], but they don’t seem too keen on that idea.”
  • Peggy Carter may make the odd appearance in flashbacks. She will be referenced several times.
  • Season four will focus on technology – and the consequences of rapid advancement.
  • There is talk of a Ghost Rider spinoff, possibly as a film or on Netflix. At the moment, however, it is just talk.
  • The fourth season will consist of three story arcs: Ghost Rider, the LMDs, and a third arc connected to the first two.
  • The ratings for Agents of SHIELD aren’t much better than those of the canceled Agent Carter. With The Inhumans also on the way, Agents of SHIELD may be in trouble if ratings don’t improve.
  • There are currently no plans to bring back Adrienne Palicki and Nick Blood, but that could always change.

Cloak and Dagger

(Freeform – Late 2018)

comic tv shows

Freeform, the network formerly known as ABC Family, is getting in on the Marvel action with a romantic action series, based on the characters Cloak and Dagger.

It’s unclear how the show will play out, but in the comics the characters are kidnapped teens from very different walks of life who become the experiments of criminals looking to create superhumans. One is given the ability to harness darkness, the other can channel light into daggers. The comics later retconned their story to make them latent mutants, but the show will have to stay away from that due to legalities (Fox owns the rights to all live-action mutants).

The big question is whether or not Cloak and Dagger will officially be part of the MCU. The network is under the Disney umbrella, but the new network may not fit with the existing shows.

  • Freeform has already ordered the show to series.
  • The show is on track, but it has been delayed until late 2018.
  • Heroes‘ Joe Pukaski has been hired as showrunner.
  • Cloak and Dagger will shoot in New Orleans.
  • If it follows Freeform pattern, the show will be 10 episodes.
  • Cloak and Dagger is expected to begin filming in early 2017.
  • Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph have been cast in the lead roles.

Damage Control


Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

Marvel is looking to expand on TV into comedy with a half-hour, single camera project on ABC titled Damage Control. The show will be overseen by Daily Show and Colbert Report executive producer Ben Karlin, and while a release window hasn’t been mentioned yet, ABC did officially order a pilot.

Damage Control will be loosely based on the comic of the same name, which debuted in 1988 and followed a group of blue collar workers hired to clean up and rebuild after superhero battles level big chunks of a city. They expanded their role to help with the odd recovery mission and the like, but they were generally depicted as a beleaguered clean up crew.

The Damage Control team later went gritty and hardcore, and during the Civil War storyline in the comics its CEO was depicted as being complicit in the death and destruction of hundreds in Stamford, CT, in order to profit from the cleanup. Wolverine then stabbed the CEO in the face. Hopefully the TV show will focus on the comedy aspect.

Although the comic has been around for years now, the show order comes just weeks after a similar, DC based project known as Powerless was announced for NBC. The two probably won’t be in direct competition, but the similarities are there.

Damage Control news and rumors

  • Damage Control may be loosely connected to Captain America: Civil War.
  • A second Marvel comedy is rumored to be in the works, and it will air as a block with Damage Control. Beyond that, no details have been released


(Netflix – Season Three Coming in 2018)

TV shows based on comics

Daredevil is the first of four characters to appear on Netflix, and all four characters will be part of the Marvel cinematic universe. The four characters will each have their own show, then they will appear together in the miniseries, The Defenders. The show stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch/Daredevil, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, and Elden Hensen and Franklin “Foggy” Nelson.

Despite the success of the first season, the second was overseen by a new creative team. Daredevil was originally meant to be run by Drew Goddard, but he left the show shortly after production began so he could direct The Sinister Six for Sony. That fell apart, but Netflix moved on, tapping Steven DeKnight. Even with all the accolades he received for his work, he never intended to stay long term. First season writers Doug Petrie (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Marco Ramirez (Sons of Anarchy) took over.

The third season will once again be overseen by Petrie and Ramirez. Nothing is yet known about season three, but the story will be influenced by the other Netflix/Marvel shows, especially The Defenders, which will heavily feature Daredevil.

Daredevil news and rumors

  • Netflix doesn’t release viewership numbers, but reports claim that season one of Daredevil was Netflix’s most watched show to date following its release. They claim it was watched by more people than HBO’s Game of Thrones.
  • There may be a brief crossover with ABC’s Agents of SHIELD at some point, but it would likely be years from now.
  • There are currently no plans to bring Daredevil to the big screen, even as a supporting character. That could always change though.
  • Vincent D’Onofrio has addressed rumors that he may appear as Kingpin in the Spider-Man: Homecoming film. D’Onofrio is very much willing, but he claims there has been no official talk regarding it, and he doesn’t think it will happen. Blame the increasingly toxic relationship between Marvel’s film and TV departments.
  • A third season has been confirmed, although it isn’t clear when it will air. It will come after The Defenders.
  • Charlie Cox claimed that there have been no talks about bringing the Netflix Marvel characters to the big screen.
  • Cox has been adamant that he wants to see Bullseye appear on the show, although nothing has been confirmed.
  • There is a good chance that one or more of the main characters will die during season three. If the show follows the comics, Karen Page would be the most likely. Again though, this is all unconfirmed, and probably still undecided.

The Defenders

(Netflix – August 18, 2017)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

As part of the partnership between Marvel and Netflix, The Defenders is the culmination of the first batch of shows. The mini-series will be eight episodes.

The Defenders will feature the characters of Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and others introduced in their respective series. Because of that, the show will be the last of the five properties to be released. The Defenders is confirmed to debut in 2017. A release date hasn’t been given, but Fall 2017 seems likely.

Very little is known about the mini-series. It hasn’t been revealed what the threat will be, but the shows are meant to be more grounded than the films. So the threat probably won’t be an Asgardian god or a crazed AI (although there are rumors to the contrary).

The Defenders news and rumors

  • Avengers: Infinity War co-director Anthony Russo stated that it would be difficult and complicated to add The Defenders to the cinematic universe. He went on to say that it would be like working with a completely separate studio.
  • The Marvel TV and film divisions are said to have a widening divide between them. That doesn’t mean that collaborations couldn’t happen, but it won’t be as easy as some fans would like.
  • The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) may appear.
  • Daredevil will form the team.
  • Daredevil showrunners Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez will oversee The Defenders. Drew Goddard will also return to Marvel to act as an executive producer.
  • A new rumor suggests that the show’s villain will be Mephisto.
  • brief teaser trailer for The Defenders has been released. It features the voice of Scott Glenn as Stick, but no original footage.
  • Deborah Ann Woll will appear as Karen Page, Simone Missick will appear as Missy Knight, Rosario Dawson has been confirmed as Claire Temple, and Jessica Henwick will reprise her role as Colleen Wing from Iron Fist. 
  • Elodie Yung will appear as Elektra.
  • Sigourney Weaver has joined the cast as the main villain, although nothing more was revealed.
  • The characters will each be following their own trails and storylines, which will lead them all to the same point.
  • The Hand will likely appear.
  • The films and the TV shows are connected, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will cross over.
  • A teaser has been released that highlights the release date.


(ABC – September 26, 2017) 

TV shows based on comics

Originally planned as one of Marvel’s Phase Three films before being indefinitely postponed, Inhumans seems to have found a new life on the small screen. Disney and ABC announced that the show is on track for 2017, although not much is known about the story or how it will fit into the MCU.

Presumably, Inhumans will be deeply connected to ABC’s other major Marvel show, Agents of SHIELD. That means we’ve already seen the origins of the Inhumans – at least several of them – and it also opens the door for already established TV characters to jump to the new show. The only bit of story-related details that were mentioned is that the show will take place in the modern day on Earth and on the moon. That seems to be more in-line with the comics version of the characters, which also means we will probably see the well-known Inhumans characters, including Black Bolt and Medusa.

The studios have yet to announce a showrunner or producers, but Disney and ABC did confirm the show’s co-financier: IMAX. Inhumans will be the first TV series IMAX has ever helped to create. The show will be shot in the IMAX format, and the first two episodes will be cut together into one story, which will then premiere in IMAX theaters September 1, 2017. The “film” will then be split into two with additional scenes added, then air on ABC soon after; it will then fall into a traditional airing schedule. The show will retain an emphasis on the visuals and it will have a higher budget than Agents of SHIELD, specifically to make it look more impressive.

The move to TV gives new life to the characters following their somewhat ignominious departure from the film lineup. According to reports, part of the reason the property was on the movie docket was as a concession to the head of Marvel Entertainment, which used to oversee both the movies and the TV shows. After a falling out between Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige and Marvel Entertainment’s Ike Perlmutter, Marvel Studios became its own entity reporting directly to Disney, and Inhumans – a project Perlmutter championed – was indefinitely postponed. This move seems to be a good work-around for everyone.

Inhumans news and rumors

  • An exact release date for the pilot in IMAX theaters wasn’t announced, but it will be released when there are no other Marvel films in theaters.
  • The first season will consist of eight episodes, much like the first season of Agent Carter.
  • Inhumans will not be a spinoff of Agents of SHIELD, which presumably means it won’t feature any of the Inhuman characters already introduced on TV.
  • Iron Fist producer Scott Buck will serve as an executive producer on Inhumans.
  • Hell on Wheels Anson Mount star will appear in the lead role as Blackbolt.
  • The main cast has been revealed, including who they will play: Serinda Swan (Medusa), Iwan Rheon (Maximus), Ken Leung (Karnak), Eme Ikwuakor (Gorgon), Isabelle Cornish (Crystal), Mike Moh (Triton), and Sonya Balmores (Auran).
  • The character of Lockjaw will appear through CGI.

Iron Fist

(Netflix – Season One debuted on March 17, 2017)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

The fourth of four standalone Marvel/Netflix series, Iron Fist will continue the tone of superheroes on the ground level. The show probably doesn’t have an exact release date beyond 2017, but Spring 2017 seems likely.

In the comics, Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, is a martial artist that wields a mystical force known as the “Iron Fist.” For years he and Luke Cage were partners, but in recent years he grew in visibility and popularity, even joining the Avengers. At one point he also took up the mantle of Daredevil when Matt Murdock was unable to.

According to a recently released synopsis, the show will follow Danny Rand (Game of Thrones’ Finn Jones), who has been missing and presumed dead for years. He returns to New York to fight corruption using martial arts. There will also be a little bit of revenge thrown in for good measure. It will also be the last show before The Defenders, so there may be some stage setting for that show as well.

Dexter showrunner Scott Buck (he oversaw the show from the sixth season on), will be in charge.

Iron Fist news and rumors

  • Mike Colter and Finn Jones met for the first time during a promo tour shortly after Iron Fist finished filming.
  • Although critics didn’t embrace Iron Fist, the series was the most-binged Netflix show of 2017. It is also the most-binged debut for a Marvel TV show on Netflix.
  • Davos will return in season two (assuming there is a season two). He will likely be the season’s main antagonist, or at least one of them, in the guise of the Steel Serpent.
  • If the show follows the comic, the character of Joy Meachum may appear as a villain.

Jessica Jones

(Netflix – Season Two TBA)

V shows based on comics

The second of the Marvel/Netflix shows to air stars Kristen Ritter as Jessica Jones, a former superhero suffering from PTSD who opens her own detective agency. Jessica Jones also introduced the character of Luke Cage. If the characters follow the comics, Jones will also appear in the Luke Cage series – in the comics, Jones and Cage eventually marry and have a child together.

Like the other Marvel/Netflix shows, Jessica Jones is part of the shared Marvel cinematic universe. It co-stars David Tennant as the antagonist, Kilgrave (known in the comics as Killgrave, aka the Purple Man). In the comics, the Purple Man kidnapped Jones and held her captive for months, physically and mentally abusing her. He eventually used his mental powers to brainwash her and send her to fight the Avengers, resulting in Jones spending months in a coma. The show doesn’t involve the Avengers, but the captivity is very much part of the story.

Rachael Taylor (666 Park Avenue, Crisis) also appears as Patricia Walker, who in the comics is the superhero known as “Hellcat,” a long-standing member of the Defenders. Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix, Pompeii) will also appear as a Jeri Hogarth, a gender-swaped version of Jeryn Hogarth, an attorney and long-time ally of Iron Fist.

The show is being overseen by Melissa Rosenberg (Red Widow, Dexter).

Jessica Jones news and rumors

  • The series was originally titled A.K.A. Jessica Jones, but Netflix officially changed the name to just Jessica Jones.
  • Rosario Dawson reprised her role from Daredevil as Claire Temple – she’s not quite the “Night Nurse” from the comics, but she fills that same role. She will also appear in Luke Cage, making her the first connecting thread between the shows.
  • Although Netflix doesn’t release ratings, the show has a huge amount of buzz and received critical acclaim.
  • Netflix has officially confirmed a second season for Jessica Jones, but there is a timing issue. The Defenders  has to shoot by a certain date contractually, so a new season of Jessica Jones will come after that.
  • Season two will film back-to-back with The Defenders. 
  • The second season will focus heavily on Jessica’s choice regarding Kilgrave at the end of season one.
  • When it returns, the second season of Jessica Jones will focus more on the other characters beyond just Jessica.
  • Netflix suggested that the second season of Jessica Jones will arrive with Daredevil season three and The Punisher in 2018.
  • There will be multiple villains in season two.
  • Every episode in season two will have a female director.
  • Season two has begun shooting.


(FX – Season One debuted February 8, 2017)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

Legion was the second of the TV projects coming from Fox and Marvel, although the other – Hellfire – has since been killed. In its place will be a show based on a family protecting their mutant children from unknown forces, but it won’t be hitting the air until long after Legion.

The FX show features the character of Legion, aka David Haller. In the comics, Haller is Professor Xavier’s son. He also has multiple personalities, each with their own power set. His mood and morals also change as his dominant personality changes, which means he can alternate between being a good guy, an antihero, and a dangerous villain. In later years he became more good than bad, but he was never a true hero.

The TV show departs from that. It continues the idea that Haller is schizophrenic, but it introduces the idea that Haller is a victim of a more powerful supervillain.

Legion is overseen by Noah Hawley (Fargo). The first series consists of eight episodes. Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) plays David; Rachel Keller appears as Syd; Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) is Lenny, David’s (sort of) friend; Jean Smart (Fargo) plays Melanie, a nurturing and unconventional therapist.

Legion news and rumors

  • Legion will take place in an “alternate universe” from the X-Men films. That means it will be its own show, but it also leaves open the possibility of featuring well-known X-Men characters, but in different capacities (and with different actors).
  • To confuse matters, Brian Singer claimed that Legion will be part of the same universe as the films, but he seems to be alone in that opinion.
  • Despite announcing his retirement from X-Men, Patrick Stewart said he would absolutely be willing to appear as Professor X on Legion. That was just his proclamation though, not a plan.
  • The ratings have been good for Legion, although not as good as other FX shows.
  • FX has approved a second season.
  • The second season will likely jump to 10 episodes.
  • The second season will feature a road trip storyline.
  • Production for season two will move from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles.
  • Jemaine Clement will appear in a larger cpacity in season two.

Luke Cage

(Netflix – Season One debuted September 30, 2016)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

The third show to be released as part of the Marvel/Netflix deal, Luke Cage, will actually have a bit of an advantage since the character was first introduced in Jessica Jones. In Jessica Jones, Cage already had his powers; his own show will explain how he got them.

Another advantage for Luke Cage is that the main casting was completed early.

Cage is played by Mike Colter (Halo: Nightfall, American Horror Story: Coven). Alfre Woodard has been cast as one of the show’s villains, Black Mariah, a powerful politician with criminal ties. Simone Messick will appear as well-known Marvel comics character Misty Knight, but in the show she appears as a cop investigating Cage. In the comics, Knight lost her arm in a bombing, but Iron Man created a cybernetic replacement. She went on to become occasional partners with Cage and Iron Fist in Heroes For Hire. In the show, Knight partners with Rafael Scarfe (Frank Whaley).

Cheo Hodari Coker, who previously oversaw Southland and Ray Donovan, is the showrunner.

Luke Cage news and rumors

  • Although Netflix doesn’t release viewership numbers, Luke Cage appears to be a hit with critics and audiences. There is even anecdotal evidence that it was so popular during its debut weekend that it caused Netflix to briefly crash (that is unconfirmed).
  • Colter has stated that the reason Cage is frequently seen in a hoodie is in part to honor Trayvon Martin.
  • Cage will next be seen in The Defenders.
  • There is a good chance that Luke Cage will play a sizeable role in season two of Jessica Jones. 
  • Netflix officially confirmed that Luke Cage has been renewed for a second season. A date hasn’t been confirmed but it seems that Netflix is moving to three Marvel seasons per year, so 2018 seems likely.
  • The story in Luke Cage will continue in Defenders shortly after where the first season concluded.

New Warriors


comic tv shows

For the last few years, the Marvel character of Squirrel Girl has been gaining a lot of attention, primarily because she is just such a ridiculous character. She was a joke, but somewhere along the way she also became a cult hero of sorts. She was a goofy, good-natured superhero in a world of gritty and violent characters. That led to an unofficial internet campaign to have her appear in a Marvel movie. The fans’ choice was Anna Kendrick, and the campaign got so big that the actress herself heard about it and said she would be interested. she would be interested.

So with that in mind, it probably shouldn’t come as too big a surprise that ABC Studio and Marvel are looking to bring her to life. The studios are creating a 30-minute live-action comedy featuring the team, the New Warriors, which includes Squirrel Girl. She is not connected to the New Warriors in the comics, but the team frequently rotates its members.

The show is still being pitched around so it may deserve to be pushed down to the next section focusing on projects still in the early development stages, but ABC and Marvel are doing well enough on TV (and streaming platforms) that if they want the project made, odds are it will at least receive a pilot.

New Warriors news and rumors

  • ABC proper doesn’t seem interested, and Freeform just picked up Cloak and Dagger. Netflix is going for gritty realism, and it has an already crowded roadmap, so you can likely count them out.
  • Hulu just picked up another Marvel superhero show, Runaways, which could mean the network may not want another – or, it could mean they will start their own, shared- Marvel universe shows.
  • Freeform has ordered the show to series, with a 10-episode season.

The Punisher

(Netflix – 2017 or 2018) 

TV shows based on comics

After months of rumors, Netflix and Marvel have officially confirmed that a sixth Marvel show will come to the streaming platform. The show will star Jon Berenthal as the Punisher, and continue the character’s story that began during the second season of Daredevil.

Along with Berenthal, writer and producer Steve Lightfoot (Hannibal, Casualty) has been confirmed. Beyond that, there aren’t many details. The series will likely begin production after The Defenders, and it may stick to the setting of the other series and keep the Punisher in New York.

The real question will be what tone the series will strike. In Daredevil, Frank Castle grew into the role of the Punisher, channeling a Death Wish-like killer out for revenge. In the comics, one of the character’s more successful runs by Garth Ennis was a dark comedy – the Thomas Jane Punisher tried to channel that a bit, but it didn’t work as well on screen, plus the film didn’t commit to it. The smart money is on the series being a gritty crime drama with an action coating.

A release window wasn’t mentioned, but given the staggered production and release schedules of the other Marve/Netflix shows, and given the current lineup (Luke CageIron Fist, then The Defender), The Punisher series may appear in late 2017 or early 2018. Netflix has unofficially confirmed that it will debut along with Jessica Jones season two and Daredevil season three in 2018, but things could always change.

Punisher news and rumors

  • It’s unclear whether or not the Punisher will appear in The Defenders, but the promotion to series star may help. At the very least, he will probably appear briefly.
  • In the series, Frank Castle still won’t quite be the Punisher that we know from the comics. He will grow into that role.
  • The show is currently casting, which could mean it hits the air sooner than previously thought, possibly mid-2017. It’s still unclear how many Marvel shows Netflix wants to put out in 2017, but with The Defenders confirmed along with Iron Fist, and The Punisher shooting before tThe Defenders, we may see three.
  • Filming for the Punisher solo series has begun.
  • Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) will appear, although it’s not clear how big her role will be.
  • The working title for the show is simply “Crime.”
  • Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia) will play Billy Russo, Castle’s best friend from his special forces days that now runs a private security firm known as Anvil. In the comics, Russo is the name of the Punisher’s archenemy, a hitman known as Jigsaw. In a later retcon of the Punisher in the comics, Jigsaw was also revealed to be the person that killed Castle’s family. In response, the Punisher throws Russo through a plate glass window, leaving his face horribly scarred and earning him the “jigsaw” nickname.
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach (Girls) will play Micro, a former NSA operative that helps Castle in his war on crime, and supplies him with intel and weapons.
  • Amber Rose Revah (Indian Summers, Son of God) will play Dinah Madani, a Homeland Security agent.


(Hulu – TBA)

comic tv shows

Following the success of 2008’s Iron Man, one of the early priorities for Marvel Studios was the development of a film based on Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona’s Runaways. The story revolves around a group of teenagers who band together after discovering that their parents are actually supervillains that belong to an organization known as The Pride. The group go on the run, hiding from their families while attempting to live together.

The movie never came together, and in 2013 Marvel Studios gave up on the project. Marvel Entertainment, however, decided to move forward. Gossip Girl’s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are attached as showrunners. So far Hulu has just ordered a pilot, but it also commissioned several additional scripts with the hopes of a full season.

There may be some changes to the original source material, but like the comic, it will follow six teenagers that need to band together to fight their parents. It’s unclear if the show will be connected to the other Marvel TV properties on ABC, Freeform, or Netflix, but it is being developed with the help of Marvel Entertainment.

Runaways news and rumors

  • The project began with conversations over a year ago.
  • Shooting is expected to begin in early 2017.
  • The show will be shot in Los Angeles.
  • The main roles have all been cast with relative unknowns.

X-Men TV Show

(Fox – TBA)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

After a series of negotiations between Fox and Marvel, Fox announced that it was planning on creating two live-action TV shows set in the X-Men universe. It wasn’t clear if those shows would be set in the X-Men film universe or not, but they were said to be connected to each other at least. The first show was Legion, the second was titled Hellfire.

Somewhere along the way, the Fox execs decided against Hellfire (see the next page for news on that), but it still seems to like the idea of two live-action shows. So instead of Hellfire, we have this as-yet-untitled, live-action X-Men TV show. But while we don’t know the name of the show, we do know what it will be about, at least in general terms. We also know some of the people attached.

The show will focus on two ordinary parents with children who suddenly manifests mutant abilities. The family is forced to go on the run from unknown forces, sending them underground and into a world of mutants and superpowers.

The show will be overseen by Burn Notice’s Matt Nix, with Fox’s Bryan Singer, Lauren Shuler Donner, and Simon Kinberg producing alongside Marvel’s Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory.

X-Men TV Show news and rumors

  • No word on a potential release date, but given the date of the confirmation (July 2016), it probably wouldn’t be ready to go until Winter 2017 or later.
  • There will be an explanation for why the well-known X-Men characters aren’t on screen.
  • Stephen Moyer will star.
  • Amy Acker has been cast in one of the lead roles.
  • Sean Teale will appear as Marcos Diaz/Eclipse, an original character created for the show.
  • Jamie Chung will appear as the mutant Blink.
  • Emma Dumont will appear as the mutant Polaris.
  • Bryan Singer will direct the pilot.
  • Joseph Morgan has been cast, but he is not leaving The Originals.
  • The title may be “Gifted,” although that has not yet been confirmed.

Dark Horse

Dark Matter

(SyFy Channel – Season two premiered July 1, 2016) 

TV shows based on comics

Created by Stargate writers and producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, Dark Matter was in some ways always destined to be a TV series. Mallozzi and Mullie pitched the concept of a group of skilled renegades waking up on a spaceship with no memories of who they were to several networks, but all initially passed. Instead, the duo wrote the first part of the story as a 4-issue comic series, which Dark Horse published in 2012.

With a visual guide in hand, the pair pitched the property again, and this time the Canadian network Space picked it up. SyFy soon joined as a partner and aired the first season for American audiences.

The 13-episode inaugural season was a fairly faithful adaptation of the comic – no surprise, since Mallozzi and Mullie are the showrunners. The story focuses on six fugitives, all of which has lost their memories but retain their unique skills as mercenaries and fighters. They are joined by a nameless android as they attempt to piece together who they are, how they lost their memories, and how to avoid the increasing number of people that want them dead for a litany of reasons they can’t always remember.

Dark Matter news and rumors

  • Dark Matter has been confirmed for a third season.
  • Not everyone will survive the season finale.

Harrow County

(SyFy Channel – TBA)

TV shows based on comics

Harrow County is one of four properties that are under development as part of a recent deal between Universal and Dark Horse.

The story of Harrow County focuses on 17-year old Emma. The woods surrounding her town are filled with ghosts and a variety of monsters, and as she approaches her 18th birthday, Emma realizes that she is the reincarnation of a powerful witch put to death the day she was born. To avoid death at the hands of the townspeople, Emma must embrace her new powers.

SyFy Channel has picked up the show, and writer Becky Kirsch (12 Monkeys, Dominon) will act as showrunner. Production is expected to start soon, so casting should begin shortly.

  • SyFy Channel has picked up the show


The Boys

(Cinemax – TBA)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are teaming up with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke to bring another Garth Ennis comic to TV. The Boys is set in a world where superheroes are depicted as celebrities, and they are frequently out of control. To stop the really destructive and corrupt ones, the CIA assembles a team of superpowered people of its own to monitor the community, and act when necessary. The series ran from 2006-2012, and consisted of 72 issues.

Columbia Pictures bought the rights to The Boys in 2008, but let the option slip in 2012. Paramount picked it up and began developing it into a film. The TV project seemingly confirms that the film adaptation is dead.

In many ways, The Boys is a spiritual successor to Preacher, which Rogen and Goldberg are already developing at AMC. The stories are completely different, but both series are marked by their over the top violence and sex.

  •  Cinemax has greenlit the series.


(CW- Season One debuted on January 26, 2017)

Riverdale (CW- TBD) Over the last few years, the once obnoxiously wholesome Archie comics have seen a complete overhaul, both in structure and in story. Gone are the days when Archie and Jughead drink malts and say things like “golly, gee.” Now, Archie and his friends confront social injustices. Archie even took a bullet and died. The comic is still geared for a younger audience, but it has transformed itself to match the times. In many ways, the CW is the perfect fit for the new brand of Archie. The network has ordered the pilot and casting is underway. The show will offer plenty of teen angst, scandal, and possibly even supernatural elements. The network even turned to The Flash and Arrow’s Greg Berlanti, who is quickly becoming the go-to when it comes to creating new TV shows based on comics. The network hasn’t announced any details yet on when the show might air, and the network will likely wait for the pilot to make a decision. If it works out, fall of 2016 seems likely. Riverdale news and rumors • Archie and his friends will be high school sophomores. • KJ Apa will play Archie, and the character will be “harboring more than one dark, terrible secret.” • Camilla Mendes will play Veronica, an intelligent and “silver-tongued high school sophomore who returns to Riverdale, eager to reinvent herself after a scandal involving her father. • Lili Reinhart will play Betty, a wholesome girl with a crush on Archie. • Cole Sprouse has been cast as Jughead, a heartthrob with a love of philosophy and a grudge against his former friend, Archie. • Josie and the Pussycats will appear. • Luke Perry will play Archie’s dad, Madchen Amik will play Betty’s mom. • Riverdale will be located in the state of New York. Tick (Amazon Prime – TBD) Originally premiering in 1986, Ben Edlund’s The Tick went on to spawn a cartoon in 1994 that ran for three seasons. That in turn went on to help launch a 2001 live-action series starring Patrick Warburton. It only lasted nine episodes, but it helped cement the property in the minds of the public. So it really isn’t a surprise that it is getting a reboot. The Tick features a nigh-indestructible superhero set to defend “The City” from a bevy of bizarre and over-the-top super-villains. Along with his sidekick, the accountant turned winged sidekick Arthur. The new version will appear exclusively on Amazon, and creator Ben Edlund will act as executive producer; Warburton will also act as a producer. The pilot will be directed by Transcendance director Wally Pfister. Casting has just begun. • Vinyl’s Griffin Newman will appear as Arthur. • Valorie Curry (House of Lies) has been cast as Arthur’s sister, Dot. • The new show will likely introduce a new series of superheroes to join the Tick and Arthur.

Over the last few years, the once obnoxiously wholesome Archie comics have seen a complete overhaul, both in structure and in story. Gone are the days when Archie and Jughead drink malts and say things like “golly, gee.” Now, Archie and his friends confront social injustices and horrors. Archie even took a bullet and died.

The comic is still geared for a younger audience, but it has transformed itself to match the times. In many ways, the CW is the perfect fit for the new brand of Archie. The show offers plenty of teen angst, scandal, and even supernatural elements. The first season consists of 13 episodes

Riverdale news and rumors

  • The season will be a murder-mystery, with the resolution coming at the end of the season.
  • Riverdale has been renewed for a second season.
  • There may be a musical episode coming soon.
  • Sabrina the Teenage With may appear at some point.
  • There may be an “Afterlife with Archie”- themed episode at some point, possibly around Halloween.
  • Season two may include zombies.

The Tick

(Amazon Prime – Season One debuts in 2017)

Details on all the comic book TV shows in development

Originally premiering in 1986, Ben Edlund’s The Tick went on to spawn a cartoon in 1994 that ran for three seasons. That in turn went on to help launch a 2001 live-action series starring Patrick Warburton. It only lasted nine episodes, but it helped cement the property in the minds of the public. So it really isn’t a surprise that it is getting a reboot.

The Tick features a nigh-indestructible superhero set to defend “The City” from a bevy of bizarre and over-the-top super-villains. The Tick fights alongside his sidekick, the accountant turned winged sidekick Arthur.

The new version will appear exclusively on Amazon, and creator Ben Edlund will act as executive producer; Warburton will produce, but he won’t star. The pilot will be directed by Transcendence director Wally Pfister. Peter Serafinowicz has been cast as the Tick, with Vinyl’s Griffin Newman will star as Arthur. Valorie Curry (House of Lies) has been cast as Arthur’s sister, Dot.

The Tick news and rumors

  • The new show will introduce a new series of superheroes to join the Tick and Arthur.
  • Amazon will debut the pilot and gage the reaction of audiences, a model the streaming platform is having a lot of success with. If the pilot is well received, a full season will be ordered.
  • The pilot was a hit. Amazon has approved the show for a full season.
  • Yara Martinez will be a series regular.

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  1. Kit Dineen January 26, 2015 at 11:56 am

    I find myself cautiously stoked for the Lucifer series. It’s kinda freaking me out that it’s only a pilot and on Fox. If it ends up stopping after the pilot, I may have to fly to Hollywood and distribute some shin-kickings. Among other things.

  2. JOHNSON March 20, 2015 at 7:28 am

    Not to hit you with a low blow, but TMNT currently airing on Nickelodeon?

    • Ryan Fleming March 20, 2015 at 11:04 am

      All the shows on this list are live action.

  3. praveen Chris April 7, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    Is dragon ball z new shows are coming????

  4. Joey Doodles March 7, 2016 at 11:09 am

    You missed Watchmen, RED, Amped, #4Hero, DC’s Hero Project for DC.

    • Ryan Fleming March 7, 2016 at 12:15 pm

      Good call – we will look into them and to this article soon!

      • Joey Doodles March 7, 2016 at 12:28 pm

        NP, it’s a lot to keep track of. You might wanna look into Static Shock as well, few details/rumors missing. It’s a mini series set to debut on Machinima.

  5. Joey Doodles March 7, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    Protocol Orphans (BOOM!)
    Riverdale (Archie)
    The Infinite Horizon (Image)
    Hawaiian Dick (Image)
    Five Ghosts (Image)
    Kill Shakespeare (IDW)
    Brooklyn Animal Control (IDW)
    Night Mary (IDW)
    Winterworld (IDW)
    Wynonna Earp (IDW)

    All have been reported at some point or another. I’ve compiled my own list and usually keep an eye out for news based on the genre, so for the most part I know what I’m talking about. Always possible I missed something, not much gets past me.

  6. Anonymous March 29, 2016 at 2:25 pm
    • Ryan Fleming April 15, 2016 at 12:12 am

      Appreciate the tip! I couldn’t find a second source, but I’ll keep looking. If you hear anything more about this one, please let me know.

  7. spenser April 9, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    Ordered to series Cloak and Dagger on Freeform and another Marvel unnamed comedy on ABC(put pilot), that will be in the same hour as damage Control.

    • Ryan Fleming April 15, 2016 at 12:11 am

      Got it, just hadn’t added it yet. this list is out of control!

  8. Anonymous June 26, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    DC has a show similar to Marvel’s Damage Control where an Insurance Agency has to follow behind the heroes and assess the damage done. It’s called “Powerless” and it will be on NBC this fall. Vanessa Hudgens and Alan Tudyk (Firefly/Serenity) headline.

  9. Anonymous July 10, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    I realize it’s probably just a typo, but it’s Misty Knight, not Missy Knight, with regard to Luke Cage, and maybe, Iron Fist.

    • Ryan Fleming July 10, 2016 at 5:13 pm

      Good eye, and thanks! Article has been updated.

  10. kimberlikristin March 8, 2017 at 2:44 am

    The Flash, Legends of tommorow,Jessie Jone,Iron fist, Defenders, and many more. Damn cant wait to see all episodes. To watch every show outside US from UK got Ivacy VPN. Still all the effort is worth.Would do anything for Barry Allen.


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