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When Trick Riding a Motorcycle Just isn’t Dangerous Enough for You

Trick Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, at least to a degree, but if that isn’t enough for you try doing a little bit of trick riding to spice it up.

If given enough time, humans will eventually find a way to make something that is inherently dangerous even more so. It’s just the way we are. It’s not enough to have arrows, they need to be flaming or exploding arrows. Firearms that can shoot through a car are fine, but sooner or later there will be one that can shoot through the moon. And trick riding a motorcycle without a helmet or even a shirt is cool, but why not ride a motorcycle without a helmet or shirt while doing gravity-defying tricks at high speed in the middle of heavy traffic?

The video below, posted on YouTube by Tuningblog EU, is equal parts impressive and just outright crazy. If you are prone to anxiety you may not want to watch this one, as the guy on the bike seems to be living on borrowed time and will probably take someone with him when he goes. The good news is that he survives the short video, but after that, who knows.

Trick riding on a motorcycle is relatively common, or at least isn’t all that unusual, but what really elevates this video from kind cool to Darwin Award frontrunner is that the guy on the bike is doing everything in the middle of heavy traffic. Maybe he is a god on a motorcycle, maybe he puts on a mask at night and fights crime with the help of his faithful chopper, but the rest of the people on the street don’t seem to be enjoying themselves nearly as much as he is.

Overall, it’s one of those videos that both justifies and condemns the internet. It’s no Japanese pizza delivery racing and it is cool that we can see this, but having random people watching it on the internet is probably the reason the guy did it in the first place. And yet with that disclaimer stated, we are suckers for incredible stuff. Even if it is certifiable.

Check it out below.



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