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Trail cam catches image of what many claim is the ghost of a girl

Trail cam catches image of what many claim is the ghost of a girl

If you’ve read Dead Beats Panel for any length of time, you probably know that we like to post the odd ghost story. We approach those stories with a healthy dose of skepticism. Part of that is just the nature of the videos, of course, but sometimes it’s due to the source. Nothing against a small website (solidarity, brothers and sisters!), but it’s different when a story comes to us from an unknown YouTube page versus, say, USA Today.

That doesn’t mean the news is any more valid just because it was reprinted by USA Today – far from it – but it does at least mean it isn’t a complete fabrication from the start.

The image above comes from a trail camera Washington County, located in upstate New York about 40 miles northwest of Albany. The camera captures a girl that is partly translucent, and so far no one has been able to explain it or identify who the girl might be or she was there in the first place.

The camera was set up by the new owners of property located in Cambridge, NY, a small town of around 2,000. The area is all wilderness, but the owners wanted to see what wildlife was around for hunting purposes. After seeing the image of the little girl, they shared the footage with a local news station in the hopes of identifying her and making sure she was reunited with her family. That kicked the story into overdrive.

Locals began to call in, claiming that it wasn’t a little girl at all, but rather the ghost of a girl killed decades earlier by a train that no longer runs through the area. Paranormal groups from all over the area also chimed in, hoping to get a look at the original footage and permission to come investigate the area in person.

The local sheriff did confirm that someone called in to state that the image was his grand-daughter, but he didn’t offer any additional info. The sheriff is still seeking information, which further stokes the fire of paranormal enthusiasts. Check out the image above and decide for yourself.



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