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Tom Cruise is in talks to be the face of the Universal classic monsters shared universe

Tom Cruise is in talks to be the face of the Universal classic monsters shared universe

Shared universes are the hot thing in Hollywood right now, and given how much money can be made from them, it’s fairly easy to see why. Some of the shared universe ideas are a stretch, but some – like the upcoming Universal classic monsters shared universe – could fit together nicely.

Details on how Universal is planning to pull this off, and exactly which monsters are in line for a reboot aren’t clear, but the first film on the way is expected to be a Mummy reboot, and Universal is reportedly in talks with Tom Cruise to help kick it all off.

Technically, it would be the second film in the shared universe, as the 2014 movie Dracula Untold will be considered part of the shared universe and the hope is that Luke Evans will return in the future as Dracula. The Mummy reboot would be the first film designed with a shared universe in mind though.

If Cruise accepts, he would likely become the focal point of the new shared universe in the same way that Robert Downey Jr. became the initial focus of Marvel’s shared universe. Cruise wouldn’t star in the other monster films, but he could make a cameo as the other monster films are released. The monsters themselves may also appear in multiple films.

The plan would then be for all the properites to combine in an Avengers-like mashup. Cruise would presumably play a major role in that.

Details on the Mummy reboot are still vague, but it would be a fresh start for the monster. The plot is said to focus on a team of Navy SEALs tracking terrorists through Iraq, when they then come across the mummy of the  the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal.

When the shared universe was first announced, Universal described the movies as action-adventure films. It later clarified that the films would retain the horror angle.

It hasn’t been announced yet which monsters will be included, but Universal’s classic monster library is fairly extensive. Along with the Mummy, the Universal library includes Frankenstein, the Wolf-Man, Dracula, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Invisible Man, and a few others.

Along with The Mummy reboot, there are plenty of rumors of other projects, but nothing is firm. A Van Helsing film is in the early stages of development, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the next film. Scarlet Johansson was said to be in talks to star in a Creature of the Black Lagoon film, and Angelina Jolie is reportedly eyeing the lead in a Bride of Frankenstein reboot. Neither of those films are confirmed though.

Alex Kurtzman is set to direct the mummy reboot, and the film has a tentative release of March 24, 2017. The next movie after that – whatever it may be – will then be released on March 30, 2018.



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