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Tis the season for Santa pranks

Santa pranks

Tis the season for Santa pranks. In this video from the team known as DM Pranks, they terrorize locals, earning themselves a spot on the naughty list.

Ho ho ho-my God, there’s a Santa with a flamethrower chasing people through a park. Tis the season for Santa pranks, I guess.

The video below is a collection of recent moves from the prank-based team, DM Pranks. This is the same team that dressed up like killer clowns back in the summer and rolled around scaring the crap out of people. That video went on to earn over 37 million views on YouTube. It also took more than 90 hours and three weeks to get the 3:15 minutes of actual, usable footage. No word on how long this one took, but it was probably right around the same.

For this holiday season, DM Pranks whipped out the Santa suit. They then went around and terrorized people with fake bombs, bloody corpses, and more. As the video suggests, never trust a Santa without a hat. Apparently, Santa’s hat is magical, and it keeps the madness at bay. Maybe the other 364 days of the year Santa is busy plotting ATM heists and how to dispose of the homeless.

The Christmas season is also highlighted, and the holiday spirit is in evidence. For proof of that, look no further than the “exploding ATM” prank. After the faux-Santa runs off looking for his sleigh, a handful of onlookers makes their move and grabs a pile of what they think is a bunch of cash.  Tis the season.



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