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Tipster risks $5 million fine to tell us Robin will be in ‘Batman v Superman’

Carrie Kelley reported cast as Robin in Batman v Superman

Beware potential spoilers for the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. These are still very much unconfirmed, but consider yourself warned. 

The cast and crew of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are apparently required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and those that break it risk a $5 million fine. That hasn’t stopped one person from coming forward to reveal that Jena Malone will play Carrie Kelley, aka Robin, in the upcoming film, according to The Wrap.

The news originally came from reporter Kirk Montgomery of Detroit’s WILX-10. Montgomery reported that he has a source within the production – which is filming in Detroit – who passed on several spoilers. The biggest of these is the appearance of Robin.

Jena Malone cast as Carrie Kelley

Jena Malone

The casting would make sense, given the heavy influence Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns appears to have on the film. The character of Carrie Kelley first appeared in that story, joining an older Bruce Wayne as he restarted his career as Batman. The character of Kelley was exclusively the province of Miller’s work for years, but has since made an appearance in the main Batman comics continuity.

Malone (The Hunger Games series, Sucker Punch) hasn’t been officially been confirmed to be in the film yet, but she has been spotted on set, launching rumors that she may appear as Kelley. This is the first possible confirmation though.

Leading credence to the rumors, Malone and director Zack Snyder have a professional history; she previously worked with Snyder on Sucker Punch. Malone is also something of a rising star, with no fewer than four completed films on the way, and at least one more in pre-production. Of those, the highest profile by far are the pair of final Hunger Games films, where she plays former tribute, and current Katniss ally, Johanna Mason.

Assuming, of course, that this is all accurate, it could mean a larger part for Malone than a single movie. DC and WB recently announced a slate of DC-based films on the way. Although it didn’t suggest when, there was also confirmation that a standalone Batman film was in the works, presumably starring Ben Affleck and continuing the story introduced in Batman v Superman. It would make sense that Malone would appear in that film, and possibly others including the upcoming Justice League films.

The tipster went on to claim that there was a scene shot at an art museum at Michigan State University, which involved a fight between Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). The military will also somehow be involved.

DC and WB are being tight lipped about the upcoming film, but don’t be surprised to hear more about this in the coming weeks and months. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently filming, with a release date of March 26, 2016.




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