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Tiger protects man from stupidly playful leopard

Tiger protects man from stupidly playful leopard

While playing around with a group of “big cats” at The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, the foundation’s founder Eduardo Serio was nearly played to death – or at least played to injury – by a leopard. Thankfully, Serio had a protector, a tiger named Aztlan.

Serio was messing around with a group of big cats, rubbing their bellies and generally just showing them some love when the leopard Dharma made a run for him. Although it looks like an attack, Dharma was probably just playing with Serio, a figure most of the cats treat with affection. Still, getting pounced on by a leopard isn’t quite the same as getting pounced on by a house cat. When your kitty jumps on you, you can smack them off. When a leopard jumps on you, you will probably receive a lovely commemorative scar – if you’re lucky.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico City is dedicated to rescuing big cats and breaking stereotypes of the animals. Serio calls the cats “his kids,” and has posted several videos of him at play with the cats. They tend to nip and paw at him, but they never bring any strength or malice to the bites and swats.

You could argue that the tiger Aztlan just randomly attacked the leopard, but if you watch it from the beginning, you’ll see that the tiger was casually laying around when it sees the leopard preparing for a run at Serio. In response, Aztlan crouches in a pounce position of its own, then knocks Dharma off its stride. The tiger was protecting Serio.

Once Serio sees what is happening, he scolds Dharma and thanks Aztlan.

Check it out below. And remember while these cats may be somewhat tame, if you see one in the wild it’s probably best to not run up and pet one.



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